Why children should go home barefoot

Why children should go home barefoot

A few years ago I explained in an entry why children remove their shoes , almost constantly, as if the shoes were a tremendous inconvenience to them. The explanation is that, that bother them, depriving them of freedom and feelings and therefore remove them .

Some get used and just accepting slippers and others do not. Whatever you do you find them barefoot, which is what happens to my people: come home and take off his jacket plus shoes are removed, and not just to get the homespun.

The fact is that I have after a while of trying to “convince” the adequacy is that carry more than anything to not have cold feet, without positive results, given up because basically I have clear that the ideal is to go barefoot … now I’ll tell you why.

Our feet are designed for more than just shoes

Each one of our children’s feet have 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 tendons, muscles and ligaments . This makes us see that our feet are a work of “evolutionary engineering” designed for walking in the most unexpected areas.

In ancient times we had to climb rocks, rocks, climb trees, walk through some branches, escape dangers wherever, walking outdoors and all that we did barefoot, with feet full of joints and bones that allow us to adapt ourselves to ground.

Now the most that we are three or four foot gestures, which are those that do the walking, to get on tiptoe and little else, always within a shoe that does not allow our feet to be articulated as they could. In fact, the day we are walking barefoot along the beach, not the wet sand, but dry, it costs us horrors, because we are not used.

In other words, the last thing they expect the feet of our children is to have to live within rigid receptacles called hard-soled shoes and as far seems to agree fairly well soled shoes more flexible, because there at least have possibility of articulating a little (although I say little).

Why do we wear shoes?

After knowing the structure of our feet we must ask why we use shoes. Well, this sums it up perfectly the Dr. GarcĂ­a Tornel : “The shoe is to protect and decorate” .

Just as we use clothes to protect us from the cold and to be more (or less) elegant, just as we used the car to go to relatively nearby sites, our perfectly trained legs while to get us there and likewise we can change of getting up channel couch but prefer to use the command, use the shoes, these gadgets without which we could live but they make our life easier, because they protect our feet and because they serve to combine with the clothes we wear.

When they are home they can go barefoot

After three or four years dealing with my children for house slippers are made and see that I have not obtained the desired results I decided to let them go barefoot because I have noticed that more colds not go without shoes. Just in case, as the cold bothers the soles of the feet, socks and put them where possible, non-slip with slip resistant tape.

The fact does not wear shoes that children are better develop foot. In fact, as it is said to walk along the beach is very healthy, walking barefoot house is too, because that way the foot adopts positions with a shoe hardly take thereby the foot muscles and strengthens ankle and thus the child will be more prepared to walk, run, jump , etc.

Arch best will not be formed by wear shoes, ie, a child who carries templates will not have the least flatfoot that a child who walks barefoot, because what is now known, contrary to what always it has been thought, it is that the templates help correct a problem position for having a child flatfoot, but the problem still exists when the child takes off his shoes . It’s like the child who gets glasses and looks good, and again remove them look bad. With glasses correct the problem but does not solve it .

So you know, if you are of those that ye walk all day behind your children with house slippers in hand, go forgetting this strategy it is best to go barefoot . Slip socks and ready.

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