The 8 Best Christmas Gifts Movies for Kids and Their Argument

Christmas is a movie to see with your family. That’s why today we talk about some of the best Christmas films for kids that you can not miss.

The holidays of the little ones are approaching for Christmas , and the cinemas and televisions are filled with films with messages related to these Christmas dates, directed to the children. These are xmovies8 that make you laugh and cry, ideal to see in family, that excite and offer very tender stories that speak about values. That is why today we are going to make a compilation about the best Christmas films for children that you can not miss this Christmas.

Christmas Movies for Kids

1 – Polar Express

Polar Express is a film that talks about how children grow up and stop believing in Santa Claus or Santa Claus, as well as all Christmas traditions. In the film, on December 24th, there is a train that picks you up and takes you to know the whole truth about Christmas. A very original story, which is done mixing animation cinema with real actors, so that appears Tom Hanks playing some of the leading roles. In addition, the music will delight the whole family.

2 – The Grinch

If you want to watch a funny movie , then The Grinch may be the best choice for you. It is a green ogre that, as the legend says, lives on the top of a lonely and isolated mountain, located on the outskirts of the village of Villa Quem. Al Grinch likes solitude and silence, and when the Christmas season comes, the villancicos sung by the neighbors make him nervous. That’s why, in revenge, he’s stealing Santa’s gifts and ruining Christmas for everyone.

3 – Christmas Story

A Disney movie based on the popular story of Charles Dickens . This is a film version of animation with real actors, with Jim Carrey as the protagonist. Here is the story of Mr. Srooge and his evil life, until the three ghosts of Christmas come to visit him, and make him understand the true spirit of solidarity and empathy during dates as marked as Christmas.

4 – Only at home

It is a popular classic film in the form of a family comedy, centered on the Christmas season, and with a child as the protagonist, in which nothing is missing to spend a while of the most fun.

5 – Go Santa Claus!

Wow, Santa Claus! “Is a movie about a divorced father whose son is angry because his mother and his boyfriend have told him that Santa Claus does not exist. When they visit their father on Christmas day, they hear a noise, and the father faces an intruder who turns out to be Santa Claus and ends up dead. In this way, they must now take their place. A very fun movie to watch in the family.

6 – Arthur Christmas

A film about Christmas, which takes us to a world in which Santa Claus and his elves, have the latest and innovative industrial technology and displacement to be able to get all their Christmas presents in one night. However, all of this has a margin of error, so if one of the children does not receive a gift, for the elves it is passable, but not for Arthur, the misfit Santa’s son who starts a rookie mission that does not Is authorized, which is to get that lost gift before dawn.

7 – Miracle on 34th Street

Miracle on 34th Street is one of the most classic Christmas films for children this Christmas season. The film revolves around a Christmas parade organized by department stores, and the man who embodies Santa Claus has to be replaced. An old man offers to incarnate him, and after the parade, they hire him for being perfect for the character. Everything is complicated when the old man claims to be the real Santa Claus.

8 – Elf

The film revolves around Buddy , an orphaned baby who travels in Santa’s sack and ends up at the North Pole. It grows there along with the elves, but with time, their physical differences are accentuated, so it asks Santa’s permission to travel to New York and find his true father: Walter Hobbs. Buddy will face later the decision between leaving the North Pole and living with his father, or resuming his life as an elf.

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