Ten essential educational YouTube channels for children and parents

Ten essential educational YouTube channels for students and teachers

Today , YouTube has become a huge source of knowledge. There are videos and tutorials about anything you can imagine. This is an advantage when it comes to finding audiovisual resources to serve you to support your explanations in class, raise a little different activities, or apply new teaching methodologies such as reverse or flipped classroom . However, it is often difficult to dive into the sea of information and find what you need without wasting time. Before embarking on the search, it is essential to know well beforehand sources. Collect thee ten essential educational channels inside and outside the classroom.


  1. 1. Unicoos . Channel dedicated mainly to mathematics, also offers videos explaining physics, chemistry and technology. On their website the contents are classified in courses ranging from 1st ESO to university.
  2. 2. MinutoDeFísica .  This fun channel dedicated to physics explains in a minute and entertaining complex issues such as what dark matter, why telescopes launched into space or what is fire.
  3. 3. ArteHistoria .  The channel ArteHistoria magazine compiles about 1,000 explanatory videos on various events and historical figures, and works and artistic movements.
  4. 4. Ted-Ed .  Linked to the TED brand, a benchmark in disclosure, this channel includes videos animated on issues related to science, literature, mathematics or nature. They can also be useful to address issues of transverse nature of TEDTalks .
  5. 5. Khan Academy .  This popular educational channel offers almost 5,000 videos where, through a whiteboard, different topics in mathematics, physics and chemistry and economics are explained.
  6. 6. National Geographic Kids . Managed by children, this channel of the famous magazine National Geographic is ideal to arouse your students’ interest in science and nature. It includes series on the human body, sharks, the solar system or how to be an inventor.
  7. 7. The Edutec .  Professor Oscar Alonso, creator of The Edutec offers in this space has been making videos for the web. They are short and agile clips, designed to project in class and thus complement the teaching practice. They are intended for students of primary and Child.
  8. 8. Asap Science .  Powered by two Canadian biologists, this channel publishes funny videos that reveal the most curious secrets of science weekly. The videos, simple aesthetic, based on lighthearted illustrations, provide answers to scientific questions of all kinds, from the most complex to the most unusual.
  9. 9. British Pathé .  The famous British producer of features, documentaries and films available to the public the entire file. This is more than 85,000 high – resolution videos can be complete and involve a historical reference useful for classroom use
  10. 10. EXpCaseros Kids .  Channel blog Experiments Caseros  with videos to make easy and fun experiments that learn basic notions of chemistry and physics.

In addition to consulting these sites, we invite you to buy youtube subscribers for your channel in order to discuss with the others who care about children. We innovate for better education!

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