Safety measures that parents should observe to preserve the integrity of their children

“Mary” protected name of 6-year-old was raped by a stranger near his home in Flor de Bastion few days ago. His parents had sent her alone to buy from the corner store when he was distracted by a person who took advantage of the circumstances,¬†Click here to see more detail of this case.

Let leave infants unattended for any adult, even late at night, is one of the most common mistakes parents with their children without taking into account the basic security measures in their care.A criterion of accidental head of the National Specialized Children and Adolescents (DINAPEN) of Guayas, Lieutenant Irene Ruiz, it is essential that parents follow certain recommendations to avoid crossing by an unfortunate situation as it is kidnapping or rape of a child. “It is important to monitor the various activities of minors, not because a parent working excuse not supervise their children, to control who meets or places frequented” he said.

Ruiz said that in prevention measures, take into account the behavioral changes of a minor, “if he refuses to go to a place or if instead insists on going to a certain place and spend a lot of time away from home, you have to talk to them and find out behind their interest or disinterest and take the measures necessary to safeguard their safety, “he explains.

Carmen Baque, a resident of Mount Sinai, is the mother of a girl of 10 years old. Explain that as part of the protection it gives to it is waiting the express school together. “I have many chores waiting for me at home but while not leave climb on the bus that takes her to school I do not move, you do not know the wickedness of people, in a few minutes could lose my greatest treasure,” he added.

It is important that the minor receives at home and school information security measures, with the purpose of you know what to do in case you are in dangerous circumstances. Teach memorize the conventional number of your home or cell of at least one family member and to describe the operation of the Integrated Service System Immediate Relief ECU-911.

“There are mothers who are comfortable and that avoided leaving their homes, send their children to run errands without even worrying about the time they linger away from home, I prefer to go to the shops I, which expose them to meet some misfit “said Gabriela Ortiz, mother of 3 children aged 6, 10 and 12 years old.


The child should know that when you are at home should not open the door to strangers, if someone calls should alert a person.If not answer a call and identify a familiar voice, remind your children not to give personal information.

Teach your child to ask for help, if necessary make as much noise as possible so that those who are around him alert and inform the police.

If your child insists he does not want to be with a certain person, find out why. Believe your child if this exposes the bad behavior of an adult with him for more than the case of a close relative.

Insist on knowing your personal data such as the address where you live, conventional home number and the name of their parents.

Occasionally ask if you have seen some strange person near the house or someone who continually comes close for any reason to consult things.

Do not allow your minor children go to homes where there is someone taking care of his absolute confidence, in case you have to go to a place, either you or someone close who go and remove him to leave.

Ask your child where the Community Police Unit closest to your home is the purpose of you know where to ask for help.

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