Printed product design for the Wedding

We are very happy to receive so many requests for the celebration of weddings, because it means that more and more couples are taking that big step.

wedding photo booth sydney  offer most requested products, both in preparation, decoration or after the event, and some original ideas for the wedding. We know the importance of an event like this, so we strive to guarantee our jobs with the best quality. We offer the possibility of personalizing them with the design, color or material you want, also if you have made your own design we offer you our printing and handling service.


invitations The invitations of a wedding are very important, it is the letter of presentation for the big event. The style of a wedding begins with the choice of the card, and since all the guests receive it, they can imagine the style of the celebration upon seeing the invitation. There are more and more ways and possibilities to print original wedding invitations. From simple designs, classic cards with large envelopes lined inside, or with any type of printed or printed pattern.


Photocall is the funniest part of taking photos at a wedding. It is a background printed in a personalized way with the design that you imagine so that people can take pictures in front, always having the same background. The initial objective of a photocall has always been to advertise. Before it was only destined for celebrities and in the decoration were the brands and logos that wanted to advertise. As an advertising element it has always been a profitable idea. And as everything evolves, the photocall also, because every time we see it more often in the entrance of nightclubs, and in all kinds of weddings and events.

Digital photo development

Digital photography has revolutionized the way we share our photos. Now you have the photos on your mobile, on Facebook, in dropbox, in the camera, on a flash drive. We offer you a digital photo development service, for the number of photos you need. Keep on the wedding album with the most important photographs. Even in the 21st century it is still the best way to preserve and show our photos. In addition, in a current trend with so much technology, print our photos on paper gives a more humane treatment.

Gifts to the guests

You can customize different types of gifts for wedding guests. From a cup with the memory of that special day, some creative plates or cloth bags with a personalized design. There are no limits in the imagination and it can be a much more beautiful detail to be personalized.

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