Hackers attempt to distribute malware through websites for children

The company Avast has confirmed that hackers are increasing the distribution of malware through pages with content and games for children. Experts say that children are not as careful as adults and therefore cyber crooks try to take advantage to infect their computers.

Under increasingly before start to use computers and the Internet. The latest generations are known as digital natives because they have seen Internet and new technologies as a natural part of your environment. Although this normalization of technology has its positive sides, it is also the risk that minors do not know responding to threats from the network.

The Avast security company has confirmed that hackers have realized the success of the Internet among children and that they are spending part of their efforts to distribute their malware on Web sites designed for children. In a study published by the BBC, Avast has ensured that they have detected more than 60 web sites for children containing malware.

Cybercriminals tend to find pages with games and engaging content for minors to camouflage its threats. In particular, malware he is hosted on contents of Java script and primarily seeks to redirect the users or encourage downloading infected files.

Although there are web designed specifically to distribute malware among children,  Avast has explained that in the majority of cases, hackers take advantage of legal websites that don’t know that part of their systems have been affected. As an example Avast has mentioned to the website cutearcade.com, which has generated more than 12,600 reports of infection in only a week.

Minors, in addition to being vulnerable to not be aware of the risks of the network, are also exposed because their teams do not have the appropriate protective measures. According to Avast, much of the computers that are intended for the use of minors are not updated or do not have a website malware removal solution that can protect against threats.

niños en peligro en InternetThe security company has explained that it is essential to maintain updated systems, especially in the case of minors, and that participation and parental supervision is essential to limit the scope of the attacks on the children.In this sense, it is necessary that parents, as well as controlling the navigation by the network, inform their children about the risks and about how it should respond to certain items you can find.

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