Some resources to give to learn English

As you all know this week, the Three Wise Men come to our homes laden with gifts. It is also typical at this time to give gifts of “invisible friends” to family, friends and co-workers.

From Lynton we want to propose some gifts that can be an interesting resource to learn English for all ages.


Books are the flagship product to promote the como aprender ingles na internet. In bookstores we can find a wide range of books for all levels and all ages. From novels to stories and illustrated books, they are a perfect resource to encourage the reading of the whole family and learn English at the same time. In addition, some of these books sometimes incorporate visual or auditory resources on a CD that can be very useful.

Electronic dictionary

If you are one of those who like ebooks more than paper books, you may be interested in an electronic English dictionary. Currently we can find very comfortable designs that allow us a quick search of words, also has the option to hear the pronunciation of the term sought, something that paper dictionaries can not offer.

Table games

If you are looking for a gift for the whole family, a board game in English can be the best solution. We can find games for all ages and different themes: letters, questions and answers, logic, strategy, memory … The ideal is to play in teams and help each other to overcome the doubts that may arise with language.

Video game

If in your family they are more of videogames than of board games, you can also find a great variety of games of different themes in English. You can choose video games of an educational nature, especially for the youngest ones, so that they will learn English having fun and almost without realizing it.

If one of your New Year’s purposes is to learn English, in Lynton we have courses for all levels in small groups and with specialized teachers. We remind you that registration is free!

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