Education, food and water, your Christmas gift for children of Mali

One of the beneficiaries of aid from World Vision children. (WVE)

According to pur water filter review, the constant droughts, shortages of drinking water and food shortages threaten the future of children in Mali, one of the poorest and most forgotten countries in the world. Therefore, this Christmas the development NGO World Vision , has launched a special campaign to help children through sponsorship.

Drinking drinking water or having a school close to home, they are a privilege for most small Mali, a country in which 64% of the population lives below the national poverty and where even the consequences of it suffer last drought and locust plague that devastated crops in 2004.

To help families Chiwara department , west of State, World Vision has launched a special campaign sponsorship. Its aim is to raise awareness about the problems of this country and motivate people to work with development projects in Mali sponsoring a child in this area. Those interested can check their website.

“Mali is experiencing a complex situation No systems adequate sanitation, only 5% of the houses have toilet, for example,. Addition, health care is a luxury, because every doctor should serve more than 20,000 people and only 50% of children under five has received the full vaccination against the most common diseases , “says Susan Oliver, project director of World Vision Spain.

Lack of food and drinking water

The latest FAO report puts Mali with Niger and Mauritania, among others; as one of the countries that need urgent help your population goes hungry . This situation is the result of the lack of rain and the crops that were lost during the locust plague last year, which has been described as the worst in the last 15 years.

“Pre – existing poverty situation has worsened because much of families rely almost solely on agriculture to survive. By this we draw attention to this silent crisis and get the largest number of godparents to continue supporting development programs long term, benefit the entire community as important as nutrition, health, education and sanitation areas , “Oliver explains.

Mali ranks 174th out of 177 countries measured the Human Development Index of the United Nations and has one of the worst enrollment rates : 78% of school – age children do not attend school. Despite this situation, it is a forgotten who need help, especially its children country.

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