Dental care for children from 2 to 19 years

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For several years, significant efforts have been made ​​in our Social Security to help cover child care and prevention. A new stage has been reached this May 1, 2009, at the initiative of the Minister of Health and social Affairs, expanding the extent of “free” until the 18th birthday.

Really “free”?

To qualify for the free announcement, three conditions must be met: 1. the child is under 18. 2. The dentist applies the contracted fee. Even a non-dentist can apply the contracted fee for a child. 3. Care to be performed are included in the list which benefits from this measure. Moreover, most current treatments are found on this list. An important exception: orthodontics. Another exception: the extraction of a MILK incisively.

Why “free” care? For some families, visits to the dentist can be an expense that they tend to procrastinate. For many families also fees of multiplication can be a brake. It is difficult to accept at the beginning of the XXI century that financial reasons are the cause of a postponement of care for children. That’s why this accessibility effort was undertaken, so giving freedom dental care to this children will help secure their health and prolong to some diseases.

If you ‘free’ or ‘full refund’ is essential, ask the dentist you choose.
Ask him a first consultation “free” or “fully repaid”.
During this visit, it may accountable care to make and establish a treatment plan.
It can provide information on care, the costs, the reimbursement, gratuity, for the care of your child under 18 years.

It is complicated ?

The nomenclature of dental care is complicated. You have a counselor to help you: YOUR DENTIST .
It is well placed to heal you, prevent problems and … inform you.
You can ask him what is the best solution to cure your family.
For a child, it is advisable to see the dentist 2 times a year. Remember also that decay or gum disease can be easily avoided by good prevention.

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