Chiropractic and Children

In the early stages of its development, the embryo is composed of a set of cells with no defined function. The first cells to differentiate and acquire a specific function are the nerve cells, which will organize and direct the growth of the embryo. This function does not end with childbirth, and must be able to perform without interference so that the child can enjoy harmonious growth with the advantages that will bring him for the rest of his life, and be able to develop to its full potential.

The spine is the tree of life that protects the nervous system function. It is very tough, and yet can be exposed from infancy to the tensions and traumas that will gradually form the vertebral subluxation complex.

The same process of childbirth can be the source of those first irritations, especially if they had to use forceps and suction cups.
Falls: The test of vitality and extraordinary resistance of children is the number of falls and shocks that are exposed daily, generally without consequences. However, over time, some of these minor trauma will participate in the formation of the first subluxations.
Bad postures, too heavy backpacks, unsuitable school furniture, etc. Will also influence this process.
Other factors , such as mental stress or an unbalanced diet may be present in that age and contribute toproblem.
For these reasons, back-up care should be integrated into routine child screenings, as should dental care. In addition, the child’s extraordinary vitality and resilience allow him to respond in an ideal, faster and deeper way than adults. The absence of side effects, respect for the natural physiology of the human body, and the total independence of the presence or absence of symptoms to make the adjustments makes Chiropractic the health care most suitable for that delicate age. Look forĀ  chiropractor near my location to guide you for your children.

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