Although it may seem strange, the use of black color in the design of bathrooms is an increasingly common trend.Usually, most people use white, but without a doubt, the best option to get a different and bold decoration is to bet on the black .

The black transmits elegance, so if we choose this color in the bathroom we will be providing an extra touch of sophistication. Of course, being a very dark color, it is important to combine it with clearer ones so that the space does not appear too muted or reduced. We tell you how to do it!
Instead of choosing between white or black, a great idea is to combine both . In this way, we will balance the space and we will create minimalist and Zen-style environments . For example, we can put the floors and walls in black and the toilets and bathtub or shower tray in white.

But if the bathroom is not very big or bright, it is better that the combination is the opposite, ie use the black as a contrast in furniture and accessories in a bathroom where white is the protagonist.

At present, we can find shower trays, sinks and toilets at very different prices . From cheaper to high-end models and higher prices. Everything depends on your tastes and the budget you have, but you should not worry about this question since, in any case, online you will find perfect products for the design of bathrooms at the best price .
Black or white? It’s up to you! Both are sober and classic colors, so they never go out of style, making possible very different styles.


And, speaking of styles, there are two types of decoration among which we can choose when playing with black and white: classic or modern . That is, we risk doing something different or following the conventional patterns in bathroom design. These are two completely different environments with which we can reform our bathroom and both, with its particular charm.


They present a more traditional aesthetic, warm and comfortable . An ideal style for those cases where we do not have much space. However, this does not mean that we can not introduce some changes and that we must remain faithful to the simple and traditional ornaments. For example, as for the toilet, it is best to opt for a white porcelain (traditional color) but modern cut .
In this same line, we recommend that you opt for neutral tones and that avoid the saturation of furniture and bathroom shower accessories. The important thing is that everything you include has functionality, so that it is pleasant. Some shelves and wicker baskets are ideal options for storing things. Further, The baths with tempered glass screens fall into this style and are now very fashionable. Finally, place an oval or rectangular mirror with some ornaments to add personality to the room.



They stand out for their simplicity and for the cleaning of the lines . Both storage furniture and toilets should give the impression that they are floating, as this prevents saturation. Toilets that are attached to the wall or the low tank are the best option, even more so if we opt for the original black color . Combined with white, gray and dark brown tones is always a safe bet. The important thing is that the result is harmonious and comfortable.

You can also place a granite countertop, a large mirror and a couple of furniture to store the towels and accessories you use for your personal hygiene. The important thing is that the result is harmonious and comfortable. And, above all, remember that simple and minimalist things should be the protagonists of this style.


And which one do you prefer? Discover the collection Verona offers you and choose your favorite for the design of bathrooms: white or black.

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