An inflatable doll for dogs

Doggie Lover Doll already has suitors.

The unmarried dogs of the world, whose owners are not willing to run the cost of a litter of
or a torn sofa, will be able to ride the curvaceous rubber dog and strategically placed silicone. PetSmile launched this week in Sao Paulo this curiosity.


An editorial event will undoubtedly be the book written by columnist Felipe Zuleta on the political life of Alberto Santofimio Botero. The two characters agreed last week in a restaurant in Bogotá, where the first interviewer made an interview with the second, about the Colombian history of which Santofimio was a witness or protagonist. The period to which they will refer goes from the government of Carlos Lleras Restrepo until the present. The former Liberal leader, who was long held for his alleged responsibility in the assassination of Luis Carlos Galán and his bonds of friendship with the capo Pablo Escobar, will speak in detail with Zuleta of that thorny issue.

A Facebook Revolt

Among the groups of the biggest indiscreet window of today, Facebook, grow the adherents of one called “We support the recall of the mandate of the mayor of Cartagena.” It is not uncommon for people to be discontented with the role of a president, in this case Judith Pinedo. The curious thing is that among the 1,107 members of the group there is more than one official who works for her in the Mayor’s Office of Cartagena and are listed until contractors she chooses to support her management. Even comments are read against Pinedo written by the secretary of the Personería – controlling act – Kelly Dayanni Fuenmayor, who says things like: “Madam Mayor, the theater has already fallen.” Another surprise was to find Yamileth Tapia in the group, who is said to be the right-hand man of José Ricaurte, mayor of the first locality of Cartagena.

Another paw is born to the lame

To the pulse that is lived inside the Supreme Court of Justice by the election of the new General Prosecutor, and that prevented to the magistrates to agree this week, it is added a decision that can be transcendental in this election. It turns out that the judge of the Labor Chamber Isaura Vargas Diaz ends its eight-year term these days and the full Court has to agree on the successor to a list of 16 candidates coming from the Higher Council of the Judiciary. Let’s see who agrees.

The Botica became fashionable

The Casa de la Botica hotel, unknown to the bulk of the citizens until the day of the election of Congress and House presidents, has become famous since it was known that former president César Gaviria had rented one of his rooms to Manage that electoral process from there. The hotel operates in a restored colonial house that is located in the La Candelaria neighborhood and where it is said that Antonio Nariño began translating The Rights of Man. Its name is explained because there operated the first drugstore that was in Santa Fe de Bogota. It has only ten rooms, two restaurants and two conference rooms. Liberalism has taken it as an alternate venue, but the Conservative Party and the U.

Galán joins Santos, Vargas and Pardo

In the commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the death of the Liberal leader Luis Carlos Galán, in addition to marches and forums there will also be room for political discussion, since in the panel “Governance and institutional stability” will be Juan Manuel Santos, Germán Vargas Lleras and Rafael Pardo, the three presidential candidates who say they can continue with the policy of Democratic Security.

A conservative marriage

In the Conservative Party, they prepare for the marriage of former minister Fernando Araújo. The presidential candidates of this group have chosen José Galat to organize the bachelor party to Araújo. The marriage with Adriana Jaramillo will be for the beginning of August.

Angel, like a child

New York Red Bulls forward Juan Pablo Ángel did not want to miss the opening of the exclusive Major League Soccer product area at the world’s most famous toy store: Toys R Us, Times Square, New York. With his wife and children, and some admirers behind, he raved enthralled the most quoted toys of the great and small lovers of football.

Ay, ay, ay, ayleen

They no longer know what else to do the neighbors of the Cuban actress Ayleen Mujica, who became famous for her role in sin sin no hay, in a building in northeastern Bogota. They have complained to her, before the owners of the apartment and before Telemundo-RTI, the company that leased the property. All claim that they have not been able to sleep for months. Since Ayleen arrived at the building, they say, the voluptuous actress arrives late into the night after her recording days of New Rich, Poor Parents and comes trampling hard on her heels on the wooden floor. Then comes the worst: a noisy serenade of love. There has been no way that the Cuban accepted to be a little more discreet.

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