9 accessories for pregnant mom

When you’re pregnant, you discover that some things are so useful that you could not live without them. For example, the lotion will relieve intense itching in your belly or that special pillow that helps you sleep better . Here ‘s a list of products BabyCenter moms love it because they make their life easier.

1. Maternity Pillow

“The maternity pillow has been a lifesaver. The charge me for all sides. I sleep with her every night, I use it when I rest on the sofa and put it around my back when I sit in a chair. I recommend every woman pregnant buy one. ” ” a I served much the maternity pillow, especially when my tummy grew considerably during my first pregnancy. I think I take me long to buy this valuable product. If you have trouble sleeping at night because you are very uncomfortable, I suggest you try one of these pillows. ” ” An essential item for me is the pillow full body. it is very useful because you do not have to put normal size pillows everywhere. I snuggle hugging this pillow and sleep very good night “.

2.ob nyc

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3. Support for pancita

“I am 7 months pregnant and have had many problems with my back and pelvic area. My mother, who used to work in a maternity shop, he told me to try a strip of motherhood. And let me tell you that these bands are it best in the world! they are small, light and inexpensive. When I wore it for the first time felt an almost instant relief on my back. ” ” the maternity girdle has been a lifesaver for me. When not used it is difficult for me a lot ofwalking because the pain on the right side were so intense that even made me mourn. ”

4. Remedies to relieve nausea

“I always brought a bag full of crackers in my handbag to eat when I feel bad.” “I had some nausea tremendous during the first quarter. The popsicles served me well, especially fruit. My husband also bought me lollipops that are special to pregnancy (in English called “preggie pops”). These paddles come in different flavors. My favorite was the ginger and lavender. ” ” I had horrible nausea and no remedy worked for me. a friend I commented to her midwife had recommended eating peanuts when he felt bad. I tried this remedy and it worked! protein helps control nausea. ”

“I use these special bands designed to prevent seasickness. When I started using the pressure was very uncomfortable, but the truth is that I have served much. They do not look very nice, but I do not care, because I will whatever is necessary to prevent nausea and dizziness. ”

5. Maternity Bras

“The best and simplest maternity items are those extensions that are used to adjust the size of the mainstays (is an extension of brooches that is added part of the bra). Before pregnancy I was a size 34D and when I was 12 weeks and I was a size 40 DDD! With that unbridled growth would have to be buying new ones every week bras. So extensions saved me a lot of money. ” ” This is my first pregnancy and I never thought I would use these special bras to sleep. But I confess that they are great. size Use 40D, and with those bras do not feel my breasts all packed down while trying to sleep. ” ” I’m 16 weeks pregnant and I am aware of the importance of a comfortable bra. Do not buy one because it is maternity or because Store touting it as the best invention that exists. it is important you find one that works well. ”

6. Lotions and oils for the skin

“I use an organic olive oil all the time in my belly, breasts and buttocks. It feels wonderful when you apply it after bathing. My skin has never been as smooth as now.” “The bottom line for me is a moisturizing lotion cocoa and a special massage oil. Use this combination every day, twice a day and I think that has helped me to prevent stretch marks because I have none. ” ” the aloe gel or aloe vera is best! Now we are in summer and am in the third quarter (this has happened to me twice). I was difficult to sleep because my feet get very swollen and hot at night. so I keep a jar of that gel in the refrigerator and apply it on my feet massaged while. I do that every night before bed and it’s a great relief!

7. Doppler fetal

“I Love My doppler fetal (used to listen to the heartbeat of the baby). I rented when I was 11 weeks pregnant and every time I felt nervous, soothed me hear the baby’s heartbeat. It was also funny and cute for for my loved ones, because they are excited to hear the baby ‘s heartbeat. I thought renting the unit for a couple of months, but I think I’ll stay with him until the birth of baby! “the best thing for me was my doppler fetal. I’m not a nervous apersona, but occasionally I just wanted to make sure everything was okay. And that was 18 weeks pregnant and had not gained any weight. The device helped me to calm down . I still use it but now often feel the baby kick. It’s very nice to hear your latiditos!. ”


8. dresses and tights

“I can not live without my cotton dresses. They are as comfortable as I have in my wardrobe pregnancy . If you come with a pair of cute accessories, look fabulous, but you do not feel great.” “I love my black dress , which is a material that stretches. The ornamental very cute accessories with a scarf and I look very elegant, despite my tremendous tummy. ” ” I could not live without my tights ( leggings in English). they are very comfortable and not struggled to wear them. in addition , so stretch that can always use. I wear them with long blouses and some cute sandals and I see great me! “. ” for me, the meshes are the best because they combine with everything. you can put them with long blouses, dresses, sweaters, shoes, tennis shoes or sandals. I used screens throughout my pregnancy. I am about to enter my last month. ”


9. Sandals

“Sandals are ideal for pregnancy, especially when you have swollen feet. Choose a nice and comfortable. You’ll find a great variety.” “I know they are horrible but I can not live without my sandals brand Crocs . Now I can not see me feet, but even so easily put me. also, no matter what my feet are swollen, I never crowded me. they are extremely comfortable. ”


10. Things and tricks to enlarge clothing

“The special band used to enlarge pants or shorts, in the part of the waist, has helped me a lot. I’ve saved a lot of money that otherwise would have bought several shorts and pants maternity. There are three sizes. I bought a girl for the first half of pregnancy (for use with normal clothes, she wore before pregnancy) and a larger size for the second half (which is useful to better hold maternity clothes) “. “you can use one of those links you use for hair to enlarge your pants or shorts, you no longer close. Mete league in the hole where will the button by a kind of knot and then subject the button several turns. it works great! “. How about you, have or did you consider pregnancy products essential? Share your advice below in the comment box.

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