7 moviegoers gifts for Christmas

In the Christmas holidays in which we are immersed, ever more in advance of excessive consumerism, are as characteristic family gatherings and snacks of candy as gifts , either with the excuse of Santa Claus or Santa Claus or the three wise men.

Buying gifts can become a stressful task, especially on these dates, with stores filled with anxious people. And you may be like a server, who leaves everything for the last moment … In any case, it may prove useful this selection of infallible gifts for crazy seventh art in all its variants, from young to veterans, both for devourers of blocksbusters As for unconditional of the cinema of author …

A pack of new movies :


The best option if you want to give a movie … but you do not know which one. So at least there will be some success. Among the huge number of new packs that appear at this time of year, I would highlight those devoted to Philip Seymour Hoffman (30 €), Tim Burton (28 €), Clint Eastwood (40 €), Steven Spielberg (58 €) “Understanding The crisis in 4 films “ (30 €) or the trilogy ‘Mad Max’ (€ 17), whose new release is due to be released this summer. If price is not a problem and the gift recipient is a fan of sagas X-Men or ‘Planet of the Apes’ ,

Collector’s Edition:

One thing you should know about moviegoers is that it is not a problem to have two editions of the same film as long as one is special, collector or any other commercial label that means an addition to the ordinary (even though we may only see The film, the box is often adorned).

Among the latest releases would recommend the metal edition of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ (€ 45), ‘Gravity’ in 3D (€ 27) if you already have or intend to have a television with that format, the extended ‘The Hobbit : the Distress SMAUG ‘ (24 €), taking advantage is just released third

A film poster:


It is always a good idea to go to movie posters . I do not know anyone who resists a poster framed by a classic or a debut that has left a mark. Already the place where to hang it is another question that can pose some problem … There are several sizes, for all pockets. Above you have a selection of recent articles on titles for different types of spectator, and in terms of prices, are around € 15 to € 20 (only the pictures).

A POP figure! Movies:

Increasingly popular, these nice figures can be a good gift for a wide range of age. In the image you have some of the characters that have appeared this year, both of premieres as ‘ Frozen ‘,’ How to train your dragon 2 ‘and’ Guardians of the Galaxy ‘ as eighties classics like ‘ Back to the Future ‘ , ‘ Gremlins ‘ , ‘ Predator ‘ or ‘ The Ghostbusters’ , again fashionable thanks to the female reboot . Depending on the figure, the price varies between 16 and 26 euros.

A book:


And of course: we read books. Yes, we still read books in physical format . They are gifts appreciated for their nostalgic character and because they allow us to disconnect from the computer, read quietly about the issues that interest us away from the (constantly updated) social networks. About cinema, genres, films, directors, interpreters … has been written an outrageous and is still doing, as you can see in the image above, where I have selected eight interesting novelties this year. All cost around € 18-20 except ‘Bizarre Cinema’ that shoots at € 37.

Here ends my contribution, I hope you use the comments to leave your recommendations or tips to give away this Christmas . And above all remember that old expression: intention is what counts .

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