10 gifts to keep you in shape

In this holiday season is normal weight gain , due to the various commitments and dinners you have with friends, family and colleagues; therefore, an ideal gift for these holidays are the objects that help you stay in shape.

According to information published by The Huffington Post adn article Pastillas naturales para perder Peso , some gifts can be useful and fun to start a physical activity or a sport , such as what is proposed below:

1.- Cylinder to drink water : The reusable bottles are very useful for people who practice athletics or just for those who like to run , because this way they keep your hydration levels at optimum levels .

2.- Personalized yoga mat:  This is an excellent gift for lovers of this discipline. You can add from the full name or just the initials, with a special message.

3.- A waterproof case for the iPod: Music is essential in an exercise routine to avoid monotony and boredom, as well as increase endurance and happiness. With this gift you will have no excuse to do physical activities in the water or on rainy days.

4.- A folding bicycle: This means of transport keeps your brain active and improves your sense of humor. This option is very light to travel throughout the city without taking up much space.

5.- Sportswear: To perform any sport or activity, it is essential to have comfortable clothes that promote the free movement of the body. Some brands offer fashion and comfort in the same garment.

6.- Pilates accessories: These items facilitate the movements that must be made in this discipline; For example, with the ball chair you can tone your abdomen and back muscles, also improves your posture.

7.- Sports suitcase: This is very useful for people who go to gyms; in it you can store your clothes, accessories and your water cylinder.

8.- Polarized sunglasses: This type of accessory prevents the sun’s reflection from affecting you when you exercise .

9.- Wake-up dumbbell: This accessory is very useful for people who find it difficult to get out of bed. When the alarm sounds, the person must perform a series of bicep curls to make it go off. You can get it on the internet or on the shopkami page .

10.- A 3 in 1 foam roller: With this gift, runners and sports fans can tone their body muscles.

With these ideas you can go planning your gifts, so go ahead and change the chocolates for items that will help keep your weight and your health stable . And you are ready to get fit?

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