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Printed product design for the Wedding

We are very happy to receive so many requests for the celebration of weddings, because it means that more and more couples are taking that big step.

wedding photo booth sydney  offer most requested products, both in preparation, decoration or after the event, and some original ideas for the wedding. We know the importance of an event like this, so we strive to guarantee our jobs with the best quality. We offer the possibility of personalizing them with the design, color or material you want, also if you have made your own design we offer you our printing and handling service.


invitations The invitations of a wedding are very important, it is the letter of presentation for the big event. The style of a wedding begins with the choice of the card, and since all the guests receive it, they can imagine the style of the celebration upon seeing the invitation. There are more and more ways and possibilities to print original wedding invitations. From simple designs, classic cards with large envelopes lined inside, or with any type of printed or printed pattern.


Photocall is the funniest part of taking photos at a wedding. It is a background printed in a personalized way with the design that you imagine so that people can take pictures in front, always having the same background. The initial objective of a photocall has always been to advertise. Before it was only destined for celebrities and in the decoration were the brands and logos that wanted to advertise. As an advertising element it has always been a profitable idea. And as everything evolves, the photocall also, because every time we see it more often in the entrance of nightclubs, and in all kinds of weddings and events.

Digital photo development

Digital photography has revolutionized the way we share our photos. Now you have the photos on your mobile, on Facebook, in dropbox, in the camera, on a flash drive. We offer you a digital photo development service, for the number of photos you need. Keep on the wedding album with the most important photographs. Even in the 21st century it is still the best way to preserve and show our photos. In addition, in a current trend with so much technology, print our photos on paper gives a more humane treatment.

Gifts to the guests

You can customize different types of gifts for wedding guests. From a cup with the memory of that special day, some creative plates or cloth bags with a personalized design. There are no limits in the imagination and it can be a much more beautiful detail to be personalized.


Some resources to give to learn English

As you all know this week, the Three Wise Men come to our homes laden with gifts. It is also typical at this time to give gifts of “invisible friends” to family, friends and co-workers.

From Lynton we want to propose some gifts that can be an interesting resource to learn English for all ages.


Books are the flagship product to promote the como aprender ingles na internet. In bookstores we can find a wide range of books for all levels and all ages. From novels to stories and illustrated books, they are a perfect resource to encourage the reading of the whole family and learn English at the same time. In addition, some of these books sometimes incorporate visual or auditory resources on a CD that can be very useful.

Electronic dictionary

If you are one of those who like ebooks more than paper books, you may be interested in an electronic English dictionary. Currently we can find very comfortable designs that allow us a quick search of words, also has the option to hear the pronunciation of the term sought, something that paper dictionaries can not offer.

Table games

If you are looking for a gift for the whole family, a board game in English can be the best solution. We can find games for all ages and different themes: letters, questions and answers, logic, strategy, memory … The ideal is to play in teams and help each other to overcome the doubts that may arise with language.

Video game

If in your family they are more of videogames than of board games, you can also find a great variety of games of different themes in English. You can choose video games of an educational nature, especially for the youngest ones, so that they will learn English having fun and almost without realizing it.

If one of your New Year’s purposes is to learn English, in Lynton we have courses for all levels in small groups and with specialized teachers. We remind you that registration is free!

10 gifts to keep you in shape

In this holiday season is normal weight gain , due to the various commitments and dinners you have with friends, family and colleagues; therefore, an ideal gift for these holidays are the objects that help you stay in shape.

According to information published by The Huffington Post adn article Pastillas naturales para perder Peso , some gifts can be useful and fun to start a physical activity or a sport , such as what is proposed below:

1.- Cylinder to drink water : The reusable bottles are very useful for people who practice athletics or just for those who like to run , because this way they keep your hydration levels at optimum levels .

2.- Personalized yoga mat:  This is an excellent gift for lovers of this discipline. You can add from the full name or just the initials, with a special message.

3.- A waterproof case for the iPod: Music is essential in an exercise routine to avoid monotony and boredom, as well as increase endurance and happiness. With this gift you will have no excuse to do physical activities in the water or on rainy days.

4.- A folding bicycle: This means of transport keeps your brain active and improves your sense of humor. This option is very light to travel throughout the city without taking up much space.

5.- Sportswear: To perform any sport or activity, it is essential to have comfortable clothes that promote the free movement of the body. Some brands offer fashion and comfort in the same garment.

6.- Pilates accessories: These items facilitate the movements that must be made in this discipline; For example, with the ball chair you can tone your abdomen and back muscles, also improves your posture.

7.- Sports suitcase: This is very useful for people who go to gyms; in it you can store your clothes, accessories and your water cylinder.

8.- Polarized sunglasses: This type of accessory prevents the sun’s reflection from affecting you when you exercise .

9.- Wake-up dumbbell: This accessory is very useful for people who find it difficult to get out of bed. When the alarm sounds, the person must perform a series of bicep curls to make it go off. You can get it on the internet or on the shopkami page .

10.- A 3 in 1 foam roller: With this gift, runners and sports fans can tone their body muscles.

With these ideas you can go planning your gifts, so go ahead and change the chocolates for items that will help keep your weight and your health stable . And you are ready to get fit?

Delta apologizes to a family that was expelled from an airplane

Delta Airlines apologized to a family that expelled a plane last April 23, but the case was known until yesterday when the video was seen in which it is observed how they pulled the ship to A couple and their two children.

Family members aboard the plane, Brian Schear, his wife and their one and two year old children, were escorted from the aircraft and flown to their destination on a later flight with a different airline.

“We regret the unfortunate experience our customers had with Delta, and we have come to them to reimburse their trip and offer additional compensation,” the airline said in a statement.

“Delta’s goal is to always work with customers in an attempt to find solutions to their travel problems. That did not happen in this case and we apologize.”

Schear can be heard in the video repeatedly saying that he paid for the seat where his young son was sitting and also hears when he says “it is not right” for the airline to ask him to leave the flight.

The father explained that he bought his oldest son a seat on a different flight so that his young son could sit in a safety seat instead of going in his mother’s lap during the night trip.

“He can not sleep unless he’s in his seat,” he said.

In the video, an official contends that it is federal policy that whoever occupies a seat on an airplane must be the person whose name is reserved for that seat. The official also tells the man that he “will go to jail” if he does not cooperate.

Delta argues that the flight was not full, but there were passengers waiting to catch the flight, so they were trying to make space on the aircraft.

The incident occurred on Delta Flight 2222, which is a night trip from Hawaii to Los Angeles.

Authorities resorted to lying by arguing that children two years of age or younger should, by law, go in the seat with their parents.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), however, states that “children must ride in a stroller or an armchair throughout the flight for safety reasons.”

The rules also point out that “the arms (of an adult) are not able to hold a child safely, especially during turbulence.”Even Delta, in its regulations, recommends that families purchase seats for children two or more years of age.

Images of the evidence about the incident have added more than 900,000 hits on YouTube since it was posted last Wednesday. You can visit the Delta landing page here for more info.

On April 9, a man was dragged out of a United Airlines flight after he refused to give his seat to the team members.

The victim, Dr. David Dao, reached an agreement with United last week.

American Airlines is investigating a case in which a lady is confronted with a stewardess, and later with a federal agent for not letting her daughter’s stroller be taken to the plane’s hold on April 21.

The 8 Best Christmas Gifts Movies for Kids and Their Argument

Christmas is a movie to see with your family. That’s why today we talk about some of the best Christmas films for kids that you can not miss.

The holidays of the little ones are approaching for Christmas , and the cinemas and televisions are filled with films with messages related to these Christmas dates, directed to the children. These are xmovies8 that make you laugh and cry, ideal to see in family, that excite and offer very tender stories that speak about values. That is why today we are going to make a compilation about the best Christmas films for children that you can not miss this Christmas.

Christmas Movies for Kids

1 – Polar Express

Polar Express is a film that talks about how children grow up and stop believing in Santa Claus or Santa Claus, as well as all Christmas traditions. In the film, on December 24th, there is a train that picks you up and takes you to know the whole truth about Christmas. A very original story, which is done mixing animation cinema with real actors, so that appears Tom Hanks playing some of the leading roles. In addition, the music will delight the whole family.

2 – The Grinch

If you want to watch a funny movie , then The Grinch may be the best choice for you. It is a green ogre that, as the legend says, lives on the top of a lonely and isolated mountain, located on the outskirts of the village of Villa Quem. Al Grinch likes solitude and silence, and when the Christmas season comes, the villancicos sung by the neighbors make him nervous. That’s why, in revenge, he’s stealing Santa’s gifts and ruining Christmas for everyone.

3 – Christmas Story

A Disney movie based on the popular story of Charles Dickens . This is a film version of animation with real actors, with Jim Carrey as the protagonist. Here is the story of Mr. Srooge and his evil life, until the three ghosts of Christmas come to visit him, and make him understand the true spirit of solidarity and empathy during dates as marked as Christmas.

4 – Only at home

It is a popular classic film in the form of a family comedy, centered on the Christmas season, and with a child as the protagonist, in which nothing is missing to spend a while of the most fun.

5 – Go Santa Claus!

Wow, Santa Claus! “Is a movie about a divorced father whose son is angry because his mother and his boyfriend have told him that Santa Claus does not exist. When they visit their father on Christmas day, they hear a noise, and the father faces an intruder who turns out to be Santa Claus and ends up dead. In this way, they must now take their place. A very fun movie to watch in the family.

6 – Arthur Christmas

A film about Christmas, which takes us to a world in which Santa Claus and his elves, have the latest and innovative industrial technology and displacement to be able to get all their Christmas presents in one night. However, all of this has a margin of error, so if one of the children does not receive a gift, for the elves it is passable, but not for Arthur, the misfit Santa’s son who starts a rookie mission that does not Is authorized, which is to get that lost gift before dawn.

7 – Miracle on 34th Street

Miracle on 34th Street is one of the most classic Christmas films for children this Christmas season. The film revolves around a Christmas parade organized by department stores, and the man who embodies Santa Claus has to be replaced. An old man offers to incarnate him, and after the parade, they hire him for being perfect for the character. Everything is complicated when the old man claims to be the real Santa Claus.

8 – Elf

The film revolves around Buddy , an orphaned baby who travels in Santa’s sack and ends up at the North Pole. It grows there along with the elves, but with time, their physical differences are accentuated, so it asks Santa’s permission to travel to New York and find his true father: Walter Hobbs. Buddy will face later the decision between leaving the North Pole and living with his father, or resuming his life as an elf.

5 Ways To Make Money Online

When times are tough and your statements nothing but bad news have, you would be forgiven for hiding under the sheets and wallowing in self-pity.

We all know that money makes the world go round. And it goes without it can make everyday life more difficult. However, if life is apparently giving you lemons, do not despair. There are a lot of ways to combat the sadness of bank balance and ensure an additional flow of cash into your piggy bank every month.

While achieving a second income may seem like more trouble than it’s worth, you may want to rethink while revealing how you can get quick cash through an extra income online – which is right from the comfort of their own house.

And best of all, you do not need a degree in computer science or any special skills. We have compiled a list of five easy ways to be productive in your spare time and earn extra income online:

1. They are paid for their opinion

Have you ever wondered how companies really make their millions?

We’ll give you a clue – it’s all about you. Behind every successful business you will find an even more successful market research team who are waiting with the open check book stubs for their opinion. In order to increase sales, businesses need to understand the needs of their consumers and will pay anything up to £ 3 per survey.

Normally, taking between 10 and 20 minutes to complete, online surveys are a quick and easy way to earn extra money online. Popular survey sites include Swagbucks Review, Ipsos, MySurvey and Crowdology, and each of them pay cash (via check, PayPal or BACS) or vouchers (usually street or Amazon brands) once they reach a threshold Pay-out.

Although most sites limit the amount of surveys and surveys each day, dedicated survey enthusiasts have been known to make an additional 200 euros per year.

Tip! In case the opportunity arises, we recommend that you register with Pineapple Research – a generous invitation-only site that pays up to 3 euros per survey and is considered the ‘holy grail’ of study sites by money-saving experts .

2. Get cash through user testing

If you thought earning an extra income by completing surveys sounded too good to be true, earning cash through user testing is even better. Pay anything up to £ 10 per exam, you will be asked to “test” for a website and provide feedback.

While this may seem like a time consuming task, most user testing takes between 10 and 20 minutes and requires no prior experience.

User testing is very important for all businesses to make sure that their fast credit websites are easy to use. When reviewing a website as a tester, your trip is recorded through the screen recorder software, and you are expected to voice your opinion aloud, answering anything up to five questions about the site.

Once you are done, your feedback is sent to the company, and you are paid – simple!

UserTesting, WhatUsersDo and PeopleForResearch are firm favorites for user testing, and completing 5 user tests a week could potentially provide an extra income of 200 euros each month.

3. Sale of photographs

Another great way to earn extra money online is to sell your digital photographs.

Many companies prefer stock photography on their own since it is consuming less time and often much cheaper than hiring a photographer and equipment. While you may not get any money for your grandmother’s 80th birthday photos or work Christmas parties, scenic landscapes, desktop photography and portraits are among the best in the photograph sold.

Royalties vary from site to site:

• Leader stock photography IStock website offers a rate of 15% per download or 45% of exclusive contributors.
• Fotolia offers up to 63% per download.
• SmugMug allows you to set your own prices and maintain 85% of the profit margin.

Tip! When uploading photographs to photograph websites, make sure that you choose tags, categories and keywords for your pictures carefully. Remember that you want your photos to be easy to find in the search results to label appropriately is essential.

4. Affiliate Marketing Registration

Affiliate marketing may sound tricky, but it’s actually very simple.

In simple terms, affiliate marketing is a method of making money by referring others to buying goods and services online. While affiliates are paid only once a sale has been completed, it can be an easy way to earn extra money online if you choose the right niche.

In order to promote the products and services, you need to regularly generate relevant and focused content through a blog or website. Once it is up and running, you can then sign up for affiliate marketing plans and advertising products and services. For those of you to start, we would like to recommend joining an affiliate network like ABestWeb or MoreNiche.

Affiliate marketing is often a long-term commitment to generating an extra income online. Consequently, you will need to make sure that the subject or topic is of interest and adhere to what you know. This way, your content will be writing itself and you will most likely be able to work with the brands you like.

5. Advertising your skills and services

If you speak several languages ​​or enjoy interpreting administrative work, advertising your skills and services is a great way to earn extra income online.

Sites such as online fast loans are always popular among freelancers for advertising skills, publishing online loans (jobs that can be done in one hour) and submitting job proposals.

From virtual assistance and social media management to proofreading and translations, most freelance websites allow you to create a profile, upload a portfolio of work and set your own fast credit rates. As well as managing your own time, it is possible to gain recurring work and be your own boss.

Tip! Play with your strengths and do not fall short. Online pricing can be extremely competitive and it is vital that you wonder if a task is worth your time.


Using these five tips above, you could earn an additional 900 euros in 10 minutes per year with just spending an hour a night in surveys, user testing and more, which is enough money for self-treatment and Family come Christmas time.

Do you have any great ways to earn an extra income online? Let me know in the comments section on fast online credits.

7 moviegoers gifts for Christmas

In the Christmas holidays in which we are immersed, ever more in advance of excessive consumerism, are as characteristic family gatherings and snacks of candy as gifts , either with the excuse of Santa Claus or Santa Claus or the three wise men.

Buying gifts can become a stressful task, especially on these dates, with stores filled with anxious people. And you may be like a server, who leaves everything for the last moment … In any case, it may prove useful this selection of infallible gifts for crazy seventh art in all its variants, from young to veterans, both for devourers of blocksbusters As for unconditional of the cinema of author …

A pack of new movies :


The best option if you want to give a movie … but you do not know which one. So at least there will be some success. Among the huge number of new packs that appear at this time of year, I would highlight those devoted to Philip Seymour Hoffman (30 €), Tim Burton (28 €), Clint Eastwood (40 €), Steven Spielberg (58 €) “Understanding The crisis in 4 films “ (30 €) or the trilogy ‘Mad Max’ (€ 17), whose new release is due to be released this summer. If price is not a problem and the gift recipient is a fan of sagas X-Men or ‘Planet of the Apes’ ,

Collector’s Edition:

One thing you should know about moviegoers is that it is not a problem to have two editions of the same film as long as one is special, collector or any other commercial label that means an addition to the ordinary (even though we may only see The film, the box is often adorned).

Among the latest releases would recommend the metal edition of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ (€ 45), ‘Gravity’ in 3D (€ 27) if you already have or intend to have a television with that format, the extended ‘The Hobbit : the Distress SMAUG ‘ (24 €), taking advantage is just released third

A film poster:


It is always a good idea to go to movie posters . I do not know anyone who resists a poster framed by a classic or a debut that has left a mark. Already the place where to hang it is another question that can pose some problem … There are several sizes, for all pockets. Above you have a selection of recent articles on titles for different types of spectator, and in terms of prices, are around € 15 to € 20 (only the pictures).

A POP figure! Movies:

Increasingly popular, these nice figures can be a good gift for a wide range of age. In the image you have some of the characters that have appeared this year, both of premieres as ‘ Frozen ‘,’ How to train your dragon 2 ‘and’ Guardians of the Galaxy ‘ as eighties classics like ‘ Back to the Future ‘ , ‘ Gremlins ‘ , ‘ Predator ‘ or ‘ The Ghostbusters’ , again fashionable thanks to the female reboot . Depending on the figure, the price varies between 16 and 26 euros.

A book:


And of course: we read books. Yes, we still read books in physical format . They are gifts appreciated for their nostalgic character and because they allow us to disconnect from the computer, read quietly about the issues that interest us away from the (constantly updated) social networks. About cinema, genres, films, directors, interpreters … has been written an outrageous and is still doing, as you can see in the image above, where I have selected eight interesting novelties this year. All cost around € 18-20 except ‘Bizarre Cinema’ that shoots at € 37.

Here ends my contribution, I hope you use the comments to leave your recommendations or tips to give away this Christmas . And above all remember that old expression: intention is what counts .


Although it may seem strange, the use of black color in the design of bathrooms is an increasingly common trend.Usually, most people use white, but without a doubt, the best option to get a different and bold decoration is to bet on the black .

The black transmits elegance, so if we choose this color in the bathroom we will be providing an extra touch of sophistication. Of course, being a very dark color, it is important to combine it with clearer ones so that the space does not appear too muted or reduced. We tell you how to do it!
Instead of choosing between white or black, a great idea is to combine both . In this way, we will balance the space and we will create minimalist and Zen-style environments . For example, we can put the floors and walls in black and the toilets and bathtub or shower tray in white.

But if the bathroom is not very big or bright, it is better that the combination is the opposite, ie use the black as a contrast in furniture and accessories in a bathroom where white is the protagonist.

At present, we can find shower trays, sinks and toilets at very different prices . From cheaper to high-end models and higher prices. Everything depends on your tastes and the budget you have, but you should not worry about this question since, in any case, online you will find perfect products for the design of bathrooms at the best price .
Black or white? It’s up to you! Both are sober and classic colors, so they never go out of style, making possible very different styles.


And, speaking of styles, there are two types of decoration among which we can choose when playing with black and white: classic or modern . That is, we risk doing something different or following the conventional patterns in bathroom design. These are two completely different environments with which we can reform our bathroom and both, with its particular charm.


They present a more traditional aesthetic, warm and comfortable . An ideal style for those cases where we do not have much space. However, this does not mean that we can not introduce some changes and that we must remain faithful to the simple and traditional ornaments. For example, as for the toilet, it is best to opt for a white porcelain (traditional color) but modern cut .
In this same line, we recommend that you opt for neutral tones and that avoid the saturation of furniture and bathroom shower accessories. The important thing is that everything you include has functionality, so that it is pleasant. Some shelves and wicker baskets are ideal options for storing things. Further, The baths with tempered glass screens fall into this style and are now very fashionable. Finally, place an oval or rectangular mirror with some ornaments to add personality to the room.



They stand out for their simplicity and for the cleaning of the lines . Both storage furniture and toilets should give the impression that they are floating, as this prevents saturation. Toilets that are attached to the wall or the low tank are the best option, even more so if we opt for the original black color . Combined with white, gray and dark brown tones is always a safe bet. The important thing is that the result is harmonious and comfortable.

You can also place a granite countertop, a large mirror and a couple of furniture to store the towels and accessories you use for your personal hygiene. The important thing is that the result is harmonious and comfortable. And, above all, remember that simple and minimalist things should be the protagonists of this style.


And which one do you prefer? Discover the collection Verona offers you thebath.es and choose your favorite for the design of bathrooms: white or black.

How to Clean Bean Bag Toys

Bean bag toys have been a basic toy in homes for many years. They usually come in the form of animals, people and other children’s objects. Unlike traditional peluches, they include small granules or pellets, often made of PVC. They have less stuffing inside, which gives each toy a trumpet squishier consistency. These toys are designed to be played with, but are often picked up by hobby lovers. For any purpose, these delicately crafted toys often need gentle cleansing to get rid of the germs or a collector to maintain the value of your collectible item.


Using an accessory with a brush can help eradicate any dirt below the surface.

Gently drop loose earth or dust off your toy before using any wet cleaning techniques. This will help protect against dirt by potentially staining and ruining your bean bag toy. Use a duster for a less dirty toy.

• Moisten a soft cloth with a small amount of warm water and antibacterial soap. Use a smooth and even movement pattern to remove stains and harmful bacteria.

• Rinse the soap from your cloth and wipe away any remaining soap residue in the toy.

• Allow your bean bag toy to air dry on the inside and away from direct sunlight to prevent the color of the toy from fading.

Tips & Warnings

  • For collectors, protect your toy’s tag with special plastic tag protectors before and after washing your toy.
  • You can buy best inexpensive vacuum cleaner for your children room.
  • For bean bag toys with longer hair, use a small brush to give the toy its original look and shine.
  • Avoid washing your bean bag toys. This can lead to faster deterioration of toys, which can cause the toy grains or viscera to release and put on a possible suffocation hazard for a small child.
  • Avoid forcing drying techniques like wearing a hair dryer or clothes, as this can cause your toy’s material to shrink or distort.
  • Avoid cleaning your toy from the bean bag with soap or detergent containing chlorine; This can cause toy color to fade or bleed.

An inflatable doll for dogs

Doggie Lover Doll already has suitors.

The unmarried dogs of the world, whose owners are not willing to run the cost of a litter of
or a torn sofa, will be able to ride the curvaceous rubber dog and strategically placed silicone. PetSmile launched this week in Sao Paulo this curiosity.


An editorial event will undoubtedly be the book written by columnist Felipe Zuleta on the political life of Alberto Santofimio Botero. The two characters agreed last week in a restaurant in Bogotá, where the first interviewer made an interview with the second, about the Colombian history of which Santofimio was a witness or protagonist. The period to which they will refer goes from the government of Carlos Lleras Restrepo until the present. The former Liberal leader, who was long held for his alleged responsibility in the assassination of Luis Carlos Galán and his bonds of friendship with the capo Pablo Escobar, will speak in detail with Zuleta of that thorny issue.

A Facebook Revolt

Among the groups of the biggest indiscreet window of today, Facebook, grow the adherents of one called “We support the recall of the mandate of the mayor of Cartagena.” It is not uncommon for people to be discontented with the role of a president, in this case Judith Pinedo. The curious thing is that among the 1,107 members of the group there is more than one official who works for her in the Mayor’s Office of Cartagena and are listed until contractors she chooses to support her management. Even comments are read against Pinedo written by the secretary of the Personería – controlling act – Kelly Dayanni Fuenmayor, who says things like: “Madam Mayor, the theater has already fallen.” Another surprise was to find Yamileth Tapia in the group, who is said to be the right-hand man of José Ricaurte, mayor of the first locality of Cartagena.

Another paw is born to the lame

To the pulse that is lived inside the Supreme Court of Justice by the election of the new General Prosecutor, and that prevented to the magistrates to agree this week, it is added a decision that can be transcendental in this election. It turns out that the judge of the Labor Chamber Isaura Vargas Diaz ends its eight-year term these days and the full Court has to agree on the successor to a list of 16 candidates coming from the Higher Council of the Judiciary. Let’s see who agrees.

The Botica became fashionable

The Casa de la Botica hotel, unknown to the bulk of the citizens until the day of the election of Congress and House presidents, has become famous since it was known that former president César Gaviria had rented one of his rooms to Manage that electoral process from there. The hotel operates in a restored colonial house that is located in the La Candelaria neighborhood and where it is said that Antonio Nariño began translating The Rights of Man. Its name is explained because there operated the first drugstore that was in Santa Fe de Bogota. It has only ten rooms, two restaurants and two conference rooms. Liberalism has taken it as an alternate venue, but the Conservative Party and the U.

Galán joins Santos, Vargas and Pardo

In the commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the death of the Liberal leader Luis Carlos Galán, in addition to marches and forums there will also be room for political discussion, since in the panel “Governance and institutional stability” will be Juan Manuel Santos, Germán Vargas Lleras and Rafael Pardo, the three presidential candidates who say they can continue with the policy of Democratic Security.

A conservative marriage

In the Conservative Party, they prepare for the marriage of former minister Fernando Araújo. The presidential candidates of this group have chosen José Galat to organize the bachelor party to Araújo. The marriage with Adriana Jaramillo will be for the beginning of August.

Angel, like a child

New York Red Bulls forward Juan Pablo Ángel did not want to miss the opening of the exclusive Major League Soccer product area at the world’s most famous toy store: Toys R Us, Times Square, New York. With his wife and children, and some admirers behind, he raved enthralled the most quoted toys of the great and small lovers of football.

Ay, ay, ay, ayleen

They no longer know what else to do the neighbors of the Cuban actress Ayleen Mujica, who became famous for her role in sin sin no hay, in a building in northeastern Bogota. They have complained to her, before the owners of the apartment and before Telemundo-RTI, the company that leased the property. All claim that they have not been able to sleep for months. Since Ayleen arrived at the building, they say, the voluptuous actress arrives late into the night after her recording days of New Rich, Poor Parents and comes trampling hard on her heels on the wooden floor. Then comes the worst: a noisy serenade of love. There has been no way that the Cuban accepted to be a little more discreet.

Chiropractic and Children

In the early stages of its development, the embryo is composed of a set of cells with no defined function. The first cells to differentiate and acquire a specific function are the nerve cells, which will organize and direct the growth of the embryo. This function does not end with childbirth, and must be able to perform without interference so that the child can enjoy harmonious growth with the advantages that will bring him for the rest of his life, and be able to develop to its full potential.

The spine is the tree of life that protects the nervous system function. It is very tough, and yet can be exposed from infancy to the tensions and traumas that will gradually form the vertebral subluxation complex.

The same process of childbirth can be the source of those first irritations, especially if they had to use forceps and suction cups.
Falls: The test of vitality and extraordinary resistance of children is the number of falls and shocks that are exposed daily, generally without consequences. However, over time, some of these minor trauma will participate in the formation of the first subluxations.
Bad postures, too heavy backpacks, unsuitable school furniture, etc. Will also influence this process.
Other factors , such as mental stress or an unbalanced diet may be present in that age and contribute toproblem.
For these reasons, back-up care should be integrated into routine child screenings, as should dental care. In addition, the child’s extraordinary vitality and resilience allow him to respond in an ideal, faster and deeper way than adults. The absence of side effects, respect for the natural physiology of the human body, and the total independence of the presence or absence of symptoms to make the adjustments makes Chiropractic the health care most suitable for that delicate age. Look for  chiropractor near my location to guide you for your children.

Safety measures that parents should observe to preserve the integrity of their children

“Mary” protected name of 6-year-old was raped by a stranger near his home in Flor de Bastion few days ago. His parents had sent her alone to buy from the corner store when he was distracted by a person who took advantage of the circumstances, Click here to see more detail of this case.

Let leave infants unattended for any adult, even late at night, is one of the most common mistakes parents with their children without taking into account the basic security measures in their care.A criterion of accidental head of the National Specialized Children and Adolescents (DINAPEN) of Guayas, Lieutenant Irene Ruiz, it is essential that parents follow certain recommendations to avoid crossing by an unfortunate situation as it is kidnapping or rape of a child. “It is important to monitor the various activities of minors, not because a parent working excuse not supervise their children, to control who meets or places frequented” he said.

Ruiz said that in prevention measures, take into account the behavioral changes of a minor, “if he refuses to go to a place or if instead insists on going to a certain place and spend a lot of time away from home, you have to talk to them and find out behind their interest or disinterest and take the measures necessary to safeguard their safety, “he explains.

Carmen Baque, a resident of Mount Sinai, is the mother of a girl of 10 years old. Explain that as part of the protection it gives to it is waiting the express school together. “I have many chores waiting for me at home but while not leave climb on the bus that takes her to school I do not move, you do not know the wickedness of people, in a few minutes could lose my greatest treasure,” he added.

It is important that the minor receives at home and school information security measures, with the purpose of you know what to do in case you are in dangerous circumstances. Teach memorize the conventional number of your home or cell of at least one family member and to describe the operation of the Integrated Service System Immediate Relief ECU-911.

“There are mothers who are comfortable and that avoided leaving their homes, send their children to run errands without even worrying about the time they linger away from home, I prefer to go to the shops I, which expose them to meet some misfit “said Gabriela Ortiz, mother of 3 children aged 6, 10 and 12 years old.


The child should know that when you are at home should not open the door to strangers, if someone calls should alert a person.If not answer a call and identify a familiar voice, remind your children not to give personal information.

Teach your child to ask for help, if necessary make as much noise as possible so that those who are around him alert and inform the police.

If your child insists he does not want to be with a certain person, find out why. Believe your child if this exposes the bad behavior of an adult with him for more than the case of a close relative.

Insist on knowing your personal data such as the address where you live, conventional home number and the name of their parents.

Occasionally ask if you have seen some strange person near the house or someone who continually comes close for any reason to consult things.

Do not allow your minor children go to homes where there is someone taking care of his absolute confidence, in case you have to go to a place, either you or someone close who go and remove him to leave.

Ask your child where the Community Police Unit closest to your home is the purpose of you know where to ask for help.

Why children should go home barefoot

Why children should go home barefoot

A few years ago I explained in an entry why children remove their shoes , almost constantly, as if the shoes were a tremendous inconvenience to them. The explanation is that, that bother them, depriving them of freedom and feelings and therefore remove them .

Some get used and just accepting slippers and others do not. Whatever you do you find them barefoot, which is what happens to my people: come home and take off his jacket plus shoes are removed, and not just to get the homespun.

The fact is that I have after a while of trying to “convince” the adequacy is that carry more than anything to not have cold feet, without positive results, given up because basically I have clear that the ideal is to go barefoot … now I’ll tell you why.

Our feet are designed for more than just shoes

Each one of our children’s feet have 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 tendons, muscles and ligaments . This makes us see that our feet are a work of “evolutionary engineering” designed for walking in the most unexpected areas.

In ancient times we had to climb rocks, rocks, climb trees, walk through some branches, escape dangers wherever, walking outdoors and all that we did barefoot, with feet full of joints and bones that allow us to adapt ourselves to ground.

Now the most that we are three or four foot gestures, which are those that do the walking, to get on tiptoe and little else, always within a shoe that does not allow our feet to be articulated as they could. In fact, the day we are walking barefoot along the beach, not the wet sand, but dry, it costs us horrors, because we are not used.

In other words, the last thing they expect the feet of our children is to have to live within rigid receptacles called hard-soled shoes and as far seems to agree fairly well soled shoes more flexible, because there at least have possibility of articulating a little (although I say little).

Why do we wear shoes?

After knowing the structure of our feet we must ask why we use shoes. Well, this sums it up perfectly the Dr. García Tornel : “The shoe is to protect and decorate” .

Just as we use clothes to protect us from the cold and to be more (or less) elegant, just as we used the car to go to relatively nearby sites, our perfectly trained legs while to get us there and likewise we can change of getting up channel couch but prefer to use the command, use the shoes, these gadgets without which we could live but they make our life easier, because they protect our feet and because they serve to combine with the clothes we wear.

When they are home they can go barefoot

After three or four years dealing with my children for house slippers are made and see that I have not obtained the desired results I decided to let them go barefoot because I have noticed that more colds not go without shoes. Just in case, as the cold bothers the soles of the feet, socks and put them where possible, non-slip with slip resistant tape.

The fact does not wear shoes that children are better develop foot. In fact, as it is said to walk along the beach is very healthy, walking barefoot house is too, because that way the foot adopts positions with a shoe hardly take thereby the foot muscles and strengthens ankle and thus the child will be more prepared to walk, run, jump , etc.

Arch best will not be formed by wear shoes, ie, a child who carries templates will not have the least flatfoot that a child who walks barefoot, because what is now known, contrary to what always it has been thought, it is that the templates help correct a problem position for having a child flatfoot, but the problem still exists when the child takes off his shoes . It’s like the child who gets glasses and looks good, and again remove them look bad. With glasses correct the problem but does not solve it .

So you know, if you are of those that ye walk all day behind your children with house slippers in hand, go forgetting this strategy it is best to go barefoot . Slip socks and ready.

Hackers attempt to distribute malware through websites for children

The company Avast has confirmed that hackers are increasing the distribution of malware through pages with content and games for children. Experts say that children are not as careful as adults and therefore cyber crooks try to take advantage to infect their computers.

Under increasingly before start to use computers and the Internet. The latest generations are known as digital natives because they have seen Internet and new technologies as a natural part of your environment. Although this normalization of technology has its positive sides, it is also the risk that minors do not know responding to threats from the network.

The Avast security company has confirmed that hackers have realized the success of the Internet among children and that they are spending part of their efforts to distribute their malware on Web sites designed for children. In a study published by the BBC, Avast has ensured that they have detected more than 60 web sites for children containing malware.

Cybercriminals tend to find pages with games and engaging content for minors to camouflage its threats. In particular, malware he is hosted on contents of Java script and primarily seeks to redirect the users or encourage downloading infected files.

Although there are web designed specifically to distribute malware among children,  Avast has explained that in the majority of cases, hackers take advantage of legal websites that don’t know that part of their systems have been affected. As an example Avast has mentioned to the website cutearcade.com, which has generated more than 12,600 reports of infection in only a week.

Minors, in addition to being vulnerable to not be aware of the risks of the network, are also exposed because their teams do not have the appropriate protective measures. According to Avast, much of the computers that are intended for the use of minors are not updated or do not have a website malware removal solution that can protect against threats.

niños en peligro en InternetThe security company has explained that it is essential to maintain updated systems, especially in the case of minors, and that participation and parental supervision is essential to limit the scope of the attacks on the children.In this sense, it is necessary that parents, as well as controlling the navigation by the network, inform their children about the risks and about how it should respond to certain items you can find.

The 10 best houses to go with children

The 10 best houses to go with children

Reason and will propose Club Rural 10 rural houses to go with children. agriculture, animals, swimming pool, playground … everything you need to not get bored for a second. These houses were designed and built by lawyers in florence sc.

1- Iratxeko House – Berea, in Bera (Navarra)

A Navarre big house in the countryside, near the border with France, which now houses two apartments with double rooms and beds, perfect for those traveling with children, for which there are also large garden with playground.

The 10 best houses to go with children

2- Cal Domingo in Bellver d’Osso (Lleida)

Stone farmhouse, completely rehabilidada with ample space and rooms for families and large groups. For everyone, for young and old also it has a game room with foosball and pool table. There are also bikes to explore the area.

The 10 best houses to go with children

3- Casas Pyrenees, Ainsa (Huesca)

Rural houses and apartments in a sixteenth century house ideal for families with children because of their location in the Aragonese Pyrenees and services including playground in the large garden of the complex.

The 10 best houses to go with children

4- Posada Real Faenas Camperas in Sando (Salamanca)

Rural tourism center in a cattle farm of 1,500 hectares with large spaces for strolling. Here facilitate the implementation of activities for young and old, like visiting the breeding of bulls in 4×4, the route of the Iberian pig, horse riding …

The 10 best houses to go with children

5- The Casería Navaconcejo (Cáceres)

Four cottages for 2 to 12 people in an environment of chestnut trees, cherry trees, meadows accommodation to get lost. Also, the place has a large garden with pool overlooking the valley Jerte. All perfect for the little ones.

The 10 best houses to go with children

6- Els Dragons in Vilar de Canes (Castellón)

A rural house between traditional and modern decor, which features an outdoor terrace and children’s activities, for example to play ping pong. The area also has many attractions to discover in family: ornithology, hiking, fossils, ecological lagoon …

The 10 best houses to go with children

7- Cortijo Los Tomillares in Guadalcanal (Sevilla)

Andalusian farmhouse for up to 18 people, fully prepared to entertain young and old: pool for children and adults, game consoles, mountain bikes, pool table, foosball, table tennis … In addition, the little ones can visit the organic farm, where they can touch lambs, goats, chickens and geese.

The 10 best houses to go with children

8- The Hosquillo Rural Cabins in Las Majadas (Cuenca)

13 lodgings of the Serrania de Cuenca. All fully equipped for families and an outdoor area with barbecue, garden, swimming pool and playground for children.

The 10 best houses to go with children

9- Ambasaguas Villa in Cangas de Onis (Asturias)

Three houses with different capacity, for small or large families, fully equipped and in an estate of 3,500 square meters, along the river. In its exterior it has barbecue, picnic table and children’s play area with swings and trampoline.

The 10 best houses to go with children

Agritourism 10- The Capriolo, in Garganta de los Montes (Madrid)

Casa Luca, Siena House and Casa Elba is three coquettish houses for up to 6 people, with all the services and amenities for families with large and small children. For them there are also many possibilities of activities: donkey routes in the area, nature workshops, visit the orchard and livestock agrotourism …


Dental care for children from 2 to 19 years

7ac0f3cd-da00-4302-86cb-7051e30a9014_helft-6-jarigen-bezocht-nog-nooit-tandarts_5_460x0This requires some explanation …

For several years, significant efforts have been made ​​in our Social Security to help cover child care and prevention. A new stage has been reached this May 1, 2009, at the initiative of the Minister of Health and social Affairs, expanding the extent of “free” until the 18th birthday.

Really “free”?

To qualify for the free announcement, three conditions must be met: 1. the child is under 18. 2. The dentist applies the contracted fee. Even a non-dentist can apply the contracted fee for a child. 3. Care to be performed are included in the list which benefits from this measure. Moreover, most current treatments are found on this list. An important exception: orthodontics. Another exception: the extraction of a MILK incisively.

Why “free” care? For some families, visits to the dentist can be an expense that they tend to procrastinate. For many families also fees of multiplication can be a brake. It is difficult to accept at the beginning of the XXI century that financial reasons are the cause of a postponement of care for children. That’s why this accessibility effort was undertaken, so giving freedom dental care to this children will help secure their health and prolong to some diseases.

If you ‘free’ or ‘full refund’ is essential, ask the dentist you choose.
Ask him a first consultation “free” or “fully repaid”.
During this visit, it may accountable care to make and establish a treatment plan.
It can provide information on care, the costs, the reimbursement, gratuity, for the care of your child under 18 years.

It is complicated ?

The nomenclature of dental care is complicated. You have a counselor to help you: YOUR DENTIST .
It is well placed to heal you, prevent problems and … inform you.
You can ask him what is the best solution to cure your family.
For a child, it is advisable to see the dentist 2 times a year. Remember also that decay or gum disease can be easily avoided by good prevention.

The nursery Strikes … The DJ children are today’s fashion!

Ten essential educational YouTube channels for children and parents

Ten essential educational YouTube channels for students and teachers

Today , YouTube has become a huge source of knowledge. There are videos and tutorials about anything you can imagine. This is an advantage when it comes to finding audiovisual resources to serve you to support your explanations in class, raise a little different activities, or apply new teaching methodologies such as reverse or flipped classroom . However, it is often difficult to dive into the sea of information and find what you need without wasting time. Before embarking on the search, it is essential to know well beforehand sources. Collect thee ten essential educational channels inside and outside the classroom.


  1. 1. Unicoos . Channel dedicated mainly to mathematics, also offers videos explaining physics, chemistry and technology. On their website the contents are classified in courses ranging from 1st ESO to university.
  2. 2. MinutoDeFísica .  This fun channel dedicated to physics explains in a minute and entertaining complex issues such as what dark matter, why telescopes launched into space or what is fire.
  3. 3. ArteHistoria .  The channel ArteHistoria magazine compiles about 1,000 explanatory videos on various events and historical figures, and works and artistic movements.
  4. 4. Ted-Ed .  Linked to the TED brand, a benchmark in disclosure, this channel includes videos animated on issues related to science, literature, mathematics or nature. They can also be useful to address issues of transverse nature of TEDTalks .
  5. 5. Khan Academy .  This popular educational channel offers almost 5,000 videos where, through a whiteboard, different topics in mathematics, physics and chemistry and economics are explained.
  6. 6. National Geographic Kids . Managed by children, this channel of the famous magazine National Geographic is ideal to arouse your students’ interest in science and nature. It includes series on the human body, sharks, the solar system or how to be an inventor.
  7. 7. The Edutec .  Professor Oscar Alonso, creator of The Edutec offers in this space has been making videos for the web. They are short and agile clips, designed to project in class and thus complement the teaching practice. They are intended for students of primary and Child.
  8. 8. Asap Science .  Powered by two Canadian biologists, this channel publishes funny videos that reveal the most curious secrets of science weekly. The videos, simple aesthetic, based on lighthearted illustrations, provide answers to scientific questions of all kinds, from the most complex to the most unusual.
  9. 9. British Pathé .  The famous British producer of features, documentaries and films available to the public the entire file. This is more than 85,000 high – resolution videos can be complete and involve a historical reference useful for classroom use
  10. 10. EXpCaseros Kids .  Channel blog Experiments Caseros  with videos to make easy and fun experiments that learn basic notions of chemistry and physics.

In addition to consulting these sites, we invite you to buy youtube subscribers for your channel in order to discuss with the others who care about children. We innovate for better education!

The 15 best films for children (update 2015)

December is the month to look back. To take stock, to assess what has given him this year. And they are family dates school holidays. In those days where you can not or do not want to go to the movies , we propose a plan for moviegoers parents who want to convey their love of the smallest of the house to recover the best releases of 2015

In this article you have a list made by Movie25.io which shows the 17 most recommended titles for your children (and for you). There is everything from stories with dinosaurs to battles superheroes , passing sheep adventurous or monsters endearing. As children, these filmmakers imagination has no limits …, please visit project free tv and enjoy your favorite movies.

‘The Minions’ ( ‘Minions’)

These friendly and lovable creatures have become a global phenomenon, why his first adventure starring in movies. The film is just what you would expect: a light, children ‘s entertainment, with constant gags in search of the ultimate villain that sheds light into the mysterious past of the henchmen of Gru .Laughter insured for fans of the Minions .

Official Rating: Suitable for all audiences.

‘Upside down’ ( ‘Inside Out’)

The best animated film of the year . It has everything that makes great Pixar , wit, excitement and fun, and presents an original story: what happens in our brain? It is aimed at all audiences in the most successful way: the smaller will stay with humor and entertainment while adults can marvel at the visual style and the ability of the study to reach us heart. Indispensable .

Official Rating: Suitable for all audiences.

‘Asterix: The Mansions of the Gods’

Finally, an adaptation faithful to the spirit of the famous stories created by Uderzo and Goscinny . Bullets comic book come to life in this great adventure comedy that will leave more than satisfied both fans of the characters as well as those looking for a good time animated fun.

Official Rating: Suitable for all audiences.

‘The song of the sea’ ( ‘Song of the Sea’)

Beautiful fairy tale based on Irish mythology that by not having the mass distribution of Disney (or other major Hollywood studio), has spent more unnoticed than it deserves. Visually stunning, his story hooked from the first scene to the last, is a gem in every way.

Official Rating: Suitable for all audiences.


Translation to the big screen children ‘s stories of Michael Bond , offers what you would expect from these proposals: faithful to the original but looking for the modern public and taking advantage of the fireworks that provides the film format.It is friendly, charming and entertaining, will provide a happy time their viewers and possibly increase the number of fans of the little bear Paddington.

Official Rating: Suitable for all audiences.

‘Home: Home Sweet Home’ ( ‘Home’)

Lightweight but charming fantasy adventure with humor and numerous ingredients. It offers fun and positive messages, such as respect for others and overcoming fears. An effective pastime that should not be asking too much.

Official Rating: Suitable for all audiences.

‘Jurassic World’

Sequel to the popular ‘Jurassic Park’ ( ‘Jurassic Park’) offers a spectacular entertainment like the original, with the frights and fair proposal for a family violence. Steeped tributes to Steven Spielberg and with a great cast well run, the film broke all box office records until it was Star Wars Episode VII …

Official Rating: Not recommended for children under 12 years.

‘Tiny: The valley of lost ants’

Thomas Szabo and Hélène Giraud lead to film a popular animated series,‘Minuscule’ , focused on watching the adventures of insects of a humorous and original way, without dialogues but with easily understandable sounds. The film is a delight, very entertaining and spectacular, with a simple story but wrung outcorrectly, with moments that will reflect children.

Official Rating: Suitable for all audiences.

Official Rating: Not recommended for children under 7 years.

‘Shaun The Sheep. The film ‘(‘ Shaun The Sheep ‘)

As Ghibli or Pixar, the seal of the British studio Aardman is a guarantee of quality.Take care of their productions to the smallest detail and it shows in every frame of this leap to the big screen Shaun and his friends. It is an excellent sample of the best children ‘s film, full of humor and adventure for all ages, likeable characters and a script that takes advantage of every situation. Animation lovers “stop motion” will enjoy.

Official Rating: Suitable for all audiences.


The second novelty of Marvel this year again offers just what you would expect: fun, action and amazing scenes. This time we have a new superhero, the Ant Man , and both his powers as family conflicts surrounding allow to develop its own history, different, more everyday and closer than the last. It has charm and is very entertaining.

Official Rating: Not recommended for children under 7 years.

‘The trip Arlo’ ( ‘The Good Dinosaur’)

What had happened if the dinosaurs had not become extinct? That’s the question raised by Pixar in his latest film , a charged mood of excitement and adventure, visually spectacular. Dinosaurs are always a good choice to entertain the kids and here are the protagonists of a great story with accurate messages about family and overcoming complicated or traumatic moments.

Official Rating: Suitable for all audiences.

‘The Book of Life’ ( ‘Book of Life’)

Another blast visual. This is a darker tale than usual in the proposed children ‘sentertainment (close to the tone of Tim Burton’s animated productions), with a striking handmade style. His Mexican roots and passion of its author give it a uniqueness highly appreciated among both Anglo story that seeks to obliterate box office using the same tricks.

Official Rating: Suitable for all audiences.

‘Hotel Transylvania 2’ ( ‘Hotel Transylvania 2’)

Sequels typically offer little doubt. Did you like the first? Go see the second !Genndy Tartakovsky again to sign an effective family divertimento playing with the possibilities of mixing humans with monsters. The baby of the young protagonists of the first installment provides new adventures and funny situations.Not reach the level of Pixar, but served too well to have a good time.

Official Rating: Suitable for all audiences.

‘Krampus – Maldita Navidad’ ( ‘Krampus’)

Occasionally it feels good to spend a little scary. For the kids love the frights and this title seeks to bring together the whole family with a different proposal, similar to the fantastic ‘Gremlins’ . There is humor and much Christmas spirit in this filmthat presents the opposite of Santa Claus, a legendary being who punishes those who have not behaved well during the year ….

Official Rating: Not recommended for children under 12 years.

‘Carlitos and Snoopy. The film Peanuts’ ( ‘The Peanuts Movie’)

After success with titles like ‘Horton’, ‘Rio’ and, above all, the ‘Ice Age’ franchise company Blue Sky accepts the challenge to film the popular comic strip by Charles Schulz . Surprising fidelity to the original and engages its ravishing animated style.Bet for the humor and charm of the characters, it is recommended for both fans and for the uninitiated in the adventures of Charlie Brown and his friends.Christmas Day Premieres.

Education, food and water, your Christmas gift for children of Mali

One of the beneficiaries of aid from World Vision children. (WVE)

According to pur water filter review, the constant droughts, shortages of drinking water and food shortages threaten the future of children in Mali, one of the poorest and most forgotten countries in the world. Therefore, this Christmas the development NGO World Vision , has launched a special campaign to help children through sponsorship.

Drinking drinking water or having a school close to home, they are a privilege for most small Mali, a country in which 64% of the population lives below the national poverty and where even the consequences of it suffer last drought and locust plague that devastated crops in 2004.

To help families Chiwara department , west of State, World Vision has launched a special campaign sponsorship. Its aim is to raise awareness about the problems of this country and motivate people to work with development projects in Mali sponsoring a child in this area. Those interested can check their website.

“Mali is experiencing a complex situation No systems adequate sanitation, only 5% of the houses have toilet, for example,. Addition, health care is a luxury, because every doctor should serve more than 20,000 people and only 50% of children under five has received the full vaccination against the most common diseases , “says Susan Oliver, project director of World Vision Spain.

Lack of food and drinking water

The latest FAO report puts Mali with Niger and Mauritania, among others; as one of the countries that need urgent help your population goes hungry . This situation is the result of the lack of rain and the crops that were lost during the locust plague last year, which has been described as the worst in the last 15 years.

“Pre – existing poverty situation has worsened because much of families rely almost solely on agriculture to survive. By this we draw attention to this silent crisis and get the largest number of godparents to continue supporting development programs long term, benefit the entire community as important as nutrition, health, education and sanitation areas , “Oliver explains.

Mali ranks 174th out of 177 countries measured the Human Development Index of the United Nations and has one of the worst enrollment rates : 78% of school – age children do not attend school. Despite this situation, it is a forgotten who need help, especially its children country.

Accounting for Children

Accounting for Children

  • Help your child learn how to save.
  • Although it is very unlikely that you have a plan to deliver your money to your small – at least until you finish your MBA from Harvard – you can help you understand the basics of financial literacy with some accounting activities. If you have a small child or a teenager, accounting activities can teach your child about money management, how to save and understand the value of the dollar.
    Toddlers While it might seem like accounting and young children do not go hand in hand, you can start with the lessons of financial education from the beginning. Accounting for rogues can teach your child the basics the basics such as what money looks like and mom – or dad, grandma or anyone else – can use it to buy items like food, clothing and toys. He begins by showing your child a piece of paper money, along with a coin or two. Encourage him to explore the money with his hands and eyes, making sure tat he never puts money in his mouth. Also, let your child to tear their dollars explaining that they can not buy toys if they ruined.
    Preschoolers According to child development experts in PBS Parents and MYOB Bookkeeper Brisbane, preschoolers should start learning about accounting concepts such as savings and spending. If your child already knows what money is – that is, those green and white pieces of paper or metal coins – she can start learning about how to spend and how to save. Let your child explore the concept of spending without giving free rein to use their real money. Set up a game scenario, using mock money as a grocery store dramatic play. Let your “unique” for items such plastic food and pay with your money. When it comes to saving, give your preschooler a piggybank and encourage her to add tooth fairy money or coins collected from the couch cushions your emergency fund.
    Children of school age As your child moves in elementary school, which is ready to develop a more complex picture of how money works. Accounting begins its activities with a lesson in vocabulary, including words such as cash, checks, credit cards, debt, savings and mortgage. You can continue to teach your child about spending, but instead of primarily using play money that can now give you real cash. When you’re at the pool bar or concession stand cinema, give your preschooler a few dollars to buy their own snacks. It can also help you understand the concept of saving with a piggy bank during the years of elementary school, and by opening their own savings to him as he approaches middle school.
    Preteens and teens An older child or adolescent in the tween years, is ready for a more seen as an adult of accounting. His high school student or high school can understand complex concepts such as saving for a specific item and that work is equal to earn money. The American Academy of Pediatrics, in its web site HealthyChildren, suggests that parents help their teenage children to handle money, giving them a subsidy – to do chores – to spend or save. You can also try some of the activities of comparative shopping on the Internet that will teach your child how to make the most of your money. For example, if you want a new laptop, visit websites to compare prices and features to find the best value.

9 accessories for pregnant mom

When you’re pregnant, you discover that some things are so useful that you could not live without them. For example, the lotion will relieve intense itching in your belly or that special pillow that helps you sleep better . Here ‘s a list of products BabyCenter moms love it because they make their life easier.

1. Maternity Pillow

“The maternity pillow has been a lifesaver. The charge me for all sides. I sleep with her every night, I use it when I rest on the sofa and put it around my back when I sit in a chair. I recommend every woman pregnant buy one. ” ” a I served much the maternity pillow, especially when my tummy grew considerably during my first pregnancy. I think I take me long to buy this valuable product. If you have trouble sleeping at night because you are very uncomfortable, I suggest you try one of these pillows. ” ” An essential item for me is the pillow full body. it is very useful because you do not have to put normal size pillows everywhere. I snuggle hugging this pillow and sleep very good night “.

2.ob nyc

When complications arise, depend on Rosh Maternal-Fetal Medicine. Located in New York City, we’re the trusted, caring high risk obstetrician of choice for moms and fetuses. Dr. Daniel Roshan is a graduate of Johns Hopkins Hospital (ranked #1 hospital, Worlds Best Hospital for 10 years and running). We provide all modern medical procedures, complete prenatal care, ultrasound, Amniocentesis, Chorionic villus sampling, Cerclage, laparoscopic surgery, Inutero transfusions and fetal 3D ultrasound all in one place. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for an appointment or visit us at the corner of Madison and 36th Street in New York City.

3. Support for pancita

“I am 7 months pregnant and have had many problems with my back and pelvic area. My mother, who used to work in a maternity shop, he told me to try a strip of motherhood. And let me tell you that these bands are it best in the world! they are small, light and inexpensive. When I wore it for the first time felt an almost instant relief on my back. ” ” the maternity girdle has been a lifesaver for me. When not used it is difficult for me a lot ofwalking because the pain on the right side were so intense that even made me mourn. ”

4. Remedies to relieve nausea

“I always brought a bag full of crackers in my handbag to eat when I feel bad.” “I had some nausea tremendous during the first quarter. The popsicles served me well, especially fruit. My husband also bought me lollipops that are special to pregnancy (in English called “preggie pops”). These paddles come in different flavors. My favorite was the ginger and lavender. ” ” I had horrible nausea and no remedy worked for me. a friend I commented to her midwife had recommended eating peanuts when he felt bad. I tried this remedy and it worked! protein helps control nausea. ”

“I use these special bands designed to prevent seasickness. When I started using the pressure was very uncomfortable, but the truth is that I have served much. They do not look very nice, but I do not care, because I will whatever is necessary to prevent nausea and dizziness. ”

5. Maternity Bras

“The best and simplest maternity items are those extensions that are used to adjust the size of the mainstays (is an extension of brooches that is added part of the bra). Before pregnancy I was a size 34D and when I was 12 weeks and I was a size 40 DDD! With that unbridled growth would have to be buying new ones every week bras. So extensions saved me a lot of money. ” ” This is my first pregnancy and I never thought I would use these special bras to sleep. But I confess that they are great. size Use 40D, and with those bras do not feel my breasts all packed down while trying to sleep. ” ” I’m 16 weeks pregnant and I am aware of the importance of a comfortable bra. Do not buy one because it is maternity or because Store touting it as the best invention that exists. it is important you find one that works well. ”

6. Lotions and oils for the skin

“I use an organic olive oil all the time in my belly, breasts and buttocks. It feels wonderful when you apply it after bathing. My skin has never been as smooth as now.” “The bottom line for me is a moisturizing lotion cocoa and a special massage oil. Use this combination every day, twice a day and I think that has helped me to prevent stretch marks because I have none. ” ” the aloe gel or aloe vera is best! Now we are in summer and am in the third quarter (this has happened to me twice). I was difficult to sleep because my feet get very swollen and hot at night. so I keep a jar of that gel in the refrigerator and apply it on my feet massaged while. I do that every night before bed and it’s a great relief!

7. Doppler fetal

“I Love My doppler fetal (used to listen to the heartbeat of the baby). I rented when I was 11 weeks pregnant and every time I felt nervous, soothed me hear the baby’s heartbeat. It was also funny and cute for for my loved ones, because they are excited to hear the baby ‘s heartbeat. I thought renting the unit for a couple of months, but I think I’ll stay with him until the birth of baby! “the best thing for me was my doppler fetal. I’m not a nervous apersona, but occasionally I just wanted to make sure everything was okay. And that was 18 weeks pregnant and had not gained any weight. The device helped me to calm down . I still use it but now often feel the baby kick. It’s very nice to hear your latiditos!. ”


8. dresses and tights

“I can not live without my cotton dresses. They are as comfortable as I have in my wardrobe pregnancy . If you come with a pair of cute accessories, look fabulous, but you do not feel great.” “I love my black dress , which is a material that stretches. The ornamental very cute accessories with a scarf and I look very elegant, despite my tremendous tummy. ” ” I could not live without my tights ( leggings in English). they are very comfortable and not struggled to wear them. in addition , so stretch that can always use. I wear them with long blouses and some cute sandals and I see great me! “. ” for me, the meshes are the best because they combine with everything. you can put them with long blouses, dresses, sweaters, shoes, tennis shoes or sandals. I used screens throughout my pregnancy. I am about to enter my last month. ”


9. Sandals

“Sandals are ideal for pregnancy, especially when you have swollen feet. Choose a nice and comfortable. You’ll find a great variety.” “I know they are horrible but I can not live without my sandals brand Crocs . Now I can not see me feet, but even so easily put me. also, no matter what my feet are swollen, I never crowded me. they are extremely comfortable. ”


10. Things and tricks to enlarge clothing

“The special band used to enlarge pants or shorts, in the part of the waist, has helped me a lot. I’ve saved a lot of money that otherwise would have bought several shorts and pants maternity. There are three sizes. I bought a girl for the first half of pregnancy (for use with normal clothes, she wore before pregnancy) and a larger size for the second half (which is useful to better hold maternity clothes) “. “you can use one of those links you use for hair to enlarge your pants or shorts, you no longer close. Mete league in the hole where will the button by a kind of knot and then subject the button several turns. it works great! “. How about you, have or did you consider pregnancy products essential? Share your advice below in the comment box.

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