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Ten essential educational YouTube channels for children and parents

Ten essential educational YouTube channels for students and teachers

Today , YouTube has become a huge source of knowledge. There are videos and tutorials about anything you can imagine. This is an advantage when it comes to finding audiovisual resources to serve you to support your explanations in class, raise a little different activities, or apply new teaching methodologies such as reverse or flipped classroom . However, it is often difficult to dive into the sea of information and find what you need without wasting time. Before embarking on the search, it is essential to know well beforehand sources. Collect thee ten essential educational channels inside and outside the classroom.


  1. 1. Unicoos . Channel dedicated mainly to mathematics, also offers videos explaining physics, chemistry and technology. On their website the contents are classified in courses ranging from 1st ESO to university.
  2. 2. MinutoDeFísica .  This fun channel dedicated to physics explains in a minute and entertaining complex issues such as what dark matter, why telescopes launched into space or what is fire.
  3. 3. ArteHistoria .  The channel ArteHistoria magazine compiles about 1,000 explanatory videos on various events and historical figures, and works and artistic movements.
  4. 4. Ted-Ed .  Linked to the TED brand, a benchmark in disclosure, this channel includes videos animated on issues related to science, literature, mathematics or nature. They can also be useful to address issues of transverse nature of TEDTalks .
  5. 5. Khan Academy .  This popular educational channel offers almost 5,000 videos where, through a whiteboard, different topics in mathematics, physics and chemistry and economics are explained.
  6. 6. National Geographic Kids . Managed by children, this channel of the famous magazine National Geographic is ideal to arouse your students’ interest in science and nature. It includes series on the human body, sharks, the solar system or how to be an inventor.
  7. 7. The Edutec .  Professor Oscar Alonso, creator of The Edutec offers in this space has been making videos for the web. They are short and agile clips, designed to project in class and thus complement the teaching practice. They are intended for students of primary and Child.
  8. 8. Asap Science .  Powered by two Canadian biologists, this channel publishes funny videos that reveal the most curious secrets of science weekly. The videos, simple aesthetic, based on lighthearted illustrations, provide answers to scientific questions of all kinds, from the most complex to the most unusual.
  9. 9. British Pathé .  The famous British producer of features, documentaries and films available to the public the entire file. This is more than 85,000 high – resolution videos can be complete and involve a historical reference useful for classroom use
  10. 10. EXpCaseros Kids .  Channel blog Experiments Caseros  with videos to make easy and fun experiments that learn basic notions of chemistry and physics.

In addition to consulting these sites, we invite you to buy youtube subscribers for your channel in order to discuss with the others who care about children. We innovate for better education!

The 15 best films for children (update 2015)

December is the month to look back. To take stock, to assess what has given him this year. And they are family dates school holidays. In those days where you can not or do not want to go to the movies , we propose a plan for moviegoers parents who want to convey their love of the smallest of the house to recover the best releases of 2015

In this article you have a list made by Movie25.io which shows the 17 most recommended titles for your children (and for you). There is everything from stories with dinosaurs to battles superheroes , passing sheep adventurous or monsters endearing. As children, these filmmakers imagination has no limits …, please visit project free tv and enjoy your favorite movies.

‘The Minions’ ( ‘Minions’)

These friendly and lovable creatures have become a global phenomenon, why his first adventure starring in movies. The film is just what you would expect: a light, children ‘s entertainment, with constant gags in search of the ultimate villain that sheds light into the mysterious past of the henchmen of Gru .Laughter insured for fans of the Minions .

Official Rating: Suitable for all audiences.

‘Upside down’ ( ‘Inside Out’)

The best animated film of the year . It has everything that makes great Pixar , wit, excitement and fun, and presents an original story: what happens in our brain? It is aimed at all audiences in the most successful way: the smaller will stay with humor and entertainment while adults can marvel at the visual style and the ability of the study to reach us heart. Indispensable .

Official Rating: Suitable for all audiences.

‘Asterix: The Mansions of the Gods’

Finally, an adaptation faithful to the spirit of the famous stories created by Uderzo and Goscinny . Bullets comic book come to life in this great adventure comedy that will leave more than satisfied both fans of the characters as well as those looking for a good time animated fun.

Official Rating: Suitable for all audiences.

‘The song of the sea’ ( ‘Song of the Sea’)

Beautiful fairy tale based on Irish mythology that by not having the mass distribution of Disney (or other major Hollywood studio), has spent more unnoticed than it deserves. Visually stunning, his story hooked from the first scene to the last, is a gem in every way.

Official Rating: Suitable for all audiences.


Translation to the big screen children ‘s stories of Michael Bond , offers what you would expect from these proposals: faithful to the original but looking for the modern public and taking advantage of the fireworks that provides the film format.It is friendly, charming and entertaining, will provide a happy time their viewers and possibly increase the number of fans of the little bear Paddington.

Official Rating: Suitable for all audiences.

‘Home: Home Sweet Home’ ( ‘Home’)

Lightweight but charming fantasy adventure with humor and numerous ingredients. It offers fun and positive messages, such as respect for others and overcoming fears. An effective pastime that should not be asking too much.

Official Rating: Suitable for all audiences.

‘Jurassic World’

Sequel to the popular ‘Jurassic Park’ ( ‘Jurassic Park’) offers a spectacular entertainment like the original, with the frights and fair proposal for a family violence. Steeped tributes to Steven Spielberg and with a great cast well run, the film broke all box office records until it was Star Wars Episode VII …

Official Rating: Not recommended for children under 12 years.

‘Tiny: The valley of lost ants’

Thomas Szabo and Hélène Giraud lead to film a popular animated series,‘Minuscule’ , focused on watching the adventures of insects of a humorous and original way, without dialogues but with easily understandable sounds. The film is a delight, very entertaining and spectacular, with a simple story but wrung outcorrectly, with moments that will reflect children.

Official Rating: Suitable for all audiences.

Official Rating: Not recommended for children under 7 years.

‘Shaun The Sheep. The film ‘(‘ Shaun The Sheep ‘)

As Ghibli or Pixar, the seal of the British studio Aardman is a guarantee of quality.Take care of their productions to the smallest detail and it shows in every frame of this leap to the big screen Shaun and his friends. It is an excellent sample of the best children ‘s film, full of humor and adventure for all ages, likeable characters and a script that takes advantage of every situation. Animation lovers “stop motion” will enjoy.

Official Rating: Suitable for all audiences.


The second novelty of Marvel this year again offers just what you would expect: fun, action and amazing scenes. This time we have a new superhero, the Ant Man , and both his powers as family conflicts surrounding allow to develop its own history, different, more everyday and closer than the last. It has charm and is very entertaining.

Official Rating: Not recommended for children under 7 years.

‘The trip Arlo’ ( ‘The Good Dinosaur’)

What had happened if the dinosaurs had not become extinct? That’s the question raised by Pixar in his latest film , a charged mood of excitement and adventure, visually spectacular. Dinosaurs are always a good choice to entertain the kids and here are the protagonists of a great story with accurate messages about family and overcoming complicated or traumatic moments.

Official Rating: Suitable for all audiences.

‘The Book of Life’ ( ‘Book of Life’)

Another blast visual. This is a darker tale than usual in the proposed children ‘sentertainment (close to the tone of Tim Burton’s animated productions), with a striking handmade style. His Mexican roots and passion of its author give it a uniqueness highly appreciated among both Anglo story that seeks to obliterate box office using the same tricks.

Official Rating: Suitable for all audiences.

‘Hotel Transylvania 2’ ( ‘Hotel Transylvania 2’)

Sequels typically offer little doubt. Did you like the first? Go see the second !Genndy Tartakovsky again to sign an effective family divertimento playing with the possibilities of mixing humans with monsters. The baby of the young protagonists of the first installment provides new adventures and funny situations.Not reach the level of Pixar, but served too well to have a good time.

Official Rating: Suitable for all audiences.

‘Krampus – Maldita Navidad’ ( ‘Krampus’)

Occasionally it feels good to spend a little scary. For the kids love the frights and this title seeks to bring together the whole family with a different proposal, similar to the fantastic ‘Gremlins’ . There is humor and much Christmas spirit in this filmthat presents the opposite of Santa Claus, a legendary being who punishes those who have not behaved well during the year ….

Official Rating: Not recommended for children under 12 years.

‘Carlitos and Snoopy. The film Peanuts’ ( ‘The Peanuts Movie’)

After success with titles like ‘Horton’, ‘Rio’ and, above all, the ‘Ice Age’ franchise company Blue Sky accepts the challenge to film the popular comic strip by Charles Schulz . Surprising fidelity to the original and engages its ravishing animated style.Bet for the humor and charm of the characters, it is recommended for both fans and for the uninitiated in the adventures of Charlie Brown and his friends.Christmas Day Premieres.

Education, food and water, your Christmas gift for children of Mali

One of the beneficiaries of aid from World Vision children. (WVE)

According to pur water filter review, the constant droughts, shortages of drinking water and food shortages threaten the future of children in Mali, one of the poorest and most forgotten countries in the world. Therefore, this Christmas the development NGO World Vision , has launched a special campaign to help children through sponsorship.

Drinking drinking water or having a school close to home, they are a privilege for most small Mali, a country in which 64% of the population lives below the national poverty and where even the consequences of it suffer last drought and locust plague that devastated crops in 2004.

To help families Chiwara department , west of State, World Vision has launched a special campaign sponsorship. Its aim is to raise awareness about the problems of this country and motivate people to work with development projects in Mali sponsoring a child in this area. Those interested can check their website.

“Mali is experiencing a complex situation No systems adequate sanitation, only 5% of the houses have toilet, for example,. Addition, health care is a luxury, because every doctor should serve more than 20,000 people and only 50% of children under five has received the full vaccination against the most common diseases , “says Susan Oliver, project director of World Vision Spain.

Lack of food and drinking water

The latest FAO report puts Mali with Niger and Mauritania, among others; as one of the countries that need urgent help your population goes hungry . This situation is the result of the lack of rain and the crops that were lost during the locust plague last year, which has been described as the worst in the last 15 years.

“Pre – existing poverty situation has worsened because much of families rely almost solely on agriculture to survive. By this we draw attention to this silent crisis and get the largest number of godparents to continue supporting development programs long term, benefit the entire community as important as nutrition, health, education and sanitation areas , “Oliver explains.

Mali ranks 174th out of 177 countries measured the Human Development Index of the United Nations and has one of the worst enrollment rates : 78% of school – age children do not attend school. Despite this situation, it is a forgotten who need help, especially its children country.

Accounting for Children

Accounting for Children

  • Help your child learn how to save.
  • Although it is very unlikely that you have a plan to deliver your money to your small – at least until you finish your MBA from Harvard – you can help you understand the basics of financial literacy with some accounting activities. If you have a small child or a teenager, accounting activities can teach your child about money management, how to save and understand the value of the dollar.
    Toddlers While it might seem like accounting and young children do not go hand in hand, you can start with the lessons of financial education from the beginning. Accounting for rogues can teach your child the basics the basics such as what money looks like and mom – or dad, grandma or anyone else – can use it to buy items like food, clothing and toys. He begins by showing your child a piece of paper money, along with a coin or two. Encourage him to explore the money with his hands and eyes, making sure tat he never puts money in his mouth. Also, let your child to tear their dollars explaining that they can not buy toys if they ruined.

    Preschoolers According to child development experts in PBS Parents and MYOB Bookkeeper Brisbane, preschoolers should start learning about accounting concepts such as savings and spending. If your child already knows what money is – that is, those green and white pieces of paper or metal coins – she can start learning about how to spend and how to save. Let your child explore the concept of spending without giving free rein to use their real money. Set up a game scenario, using mock money as a grocery store dramatic play. Let your “unique” for items such plastic food and pay with your money. When it comes to saving, give your preschooler a piggybank and encourage her to add tooth fairy money or coins collected from the couch cushions your emergency fund.

    Children of school age As your child moves in elementary school, which is ready to develop a more complex picture of how money works. Accounting begins its activities with a lesson in vocabulary, including words such as cash, checks, credit cards, debt, savings and mortgage. You can continue to teach your child about spending, but instead of primarily using play money that can now give you real cash. When you’re at the pool bar or concession stand cinema, give your preschooler a few dollars to buy their own snacks. It can also help you understand the concept of saving with a piggy bank during the years of elementary school, and by opening their own savings to him as he approaches middle school.

    Preteens and teens An older child or adolescent in the tween years, is ready for a more seen as an adult of accounting. His high school student or high school can understand complex concepts such as saving for a specific item and that work is equal to earn money. The American Academy of Pediatrics, in its web site HealthyChildren, suggests that parents help their teenage children to handle money, giving them a subsidy – to do chores – to spend or save. You can also try some of the activities of comparative shopping on the Internet that will teach your child how to make the most of your money. For example, if you want a new laptop, visit websites to compare prices and features to find the best value.

9 accessories for pregnant mom

When you’re pregnant, you discover that some things are so useful that you could not live without them. For example, the lotion will relieve intense itching in your belly or that special pillow that helps you sleep better . Here ‘s a list of products BabyCenter moms love it because they make their life easier.

1. Maternity Pillow

“The maternity pillow has been a lifesaver. The charge me for all sides. I sleep with her ​​every night, I use it when I rest on the sofa and put it around my back when I sit in a chair. I recommend every woman pregnant buy one. ” ” a I served much the maternity pillow, especially when my tummy grew considerably during my first pregnancy. I think I take me long to buy this valuable product. If you have trouble sleeping at night because you are very uncomfortable, I suggest you try one of these pillows. ” ” An essential item for me is the pillow full body. it is very useful because you do not have to put normal size pillows everywhere. I snuggle hugging this pillow and sleep very good night “.

2.ob nyc

When complications arise, depend on Rosh Maternal-Fetal Medicine. Located in New York City, we’re the trusted, caring high risk obstetrician of choice for moms and fetuses. Dr. Daniel Roshan is a graduate of Johns Hopkins Hospital (ranked #1 hospital, Worlds Best Hospital for 10 years and running). We provide all modern medical procedures, complete prenatal care, ultrasound, Amniocentesis, Chorionic villus sampling, Cerclage, laparoscopic surgery, Inutero transfusions and fetal 3D ultrasound all in one place. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for an appointment or visit us at the corner of Madison and 36th Street in New York City.

3. Support for pancita

“I am 7 months pregnant and have had many problems with my back and pelvic area. My mother, who used to work in a maternity shop, he told me to try a strip of motherhood. And let me tell you that these bands are it best in the world! they are small, light and inexpensive. When I wore it for the first time felt an almost instant relief on my back. ” ” the maternity girdle has been a lifesaver for me. When not used it is difficult for me a lot ofwalking because the pain on the right side were so intense that even made ​​me mourn. ”

4. Remedies to relieve nausea

“I always brought a bag full of crackers in my handbag to eat when I feel bad.” “I had some nausea tremendous during the first quarter. The popsicles served me well, especially fruit. My husband also bought me lollipops that are special to pregnancy (in English called “preggie pops”). These paddles come in different flavors. My favorite was the ginger and lavender. ” ” I had horrible nausea and no remedy worked for me. a friend I commented to her midwife had recommended eating peanuts when he felt bad. I tried this remedy and it worked! protein helps control nausea. ”

“I use these special bands designed to prevent seasickness. When I started using the pressure was very uncomfortable, but the truth is that I have served much. They do not look very nice, but I do not care, because I will whatever is necessary to prevent nausea and dizziness. ”

5. Maternity Bras

“The best and simplest maternity items are those extensions that are used to adjust the size of the mainstays (is an extension of brooches that is added part of the bra). Before pregnancy I was a size 34D and when I was 12 weeks and I was a size 40 DDD! With that unbridled growth would have to be buying new ones every week bras. So extensions saved me a lot of money. ” ” This is my first pregnancy and I never thought I would use these special bras to sleep. But I confess that they are great. size Use 40D, and with those bras do not feel my breasts all packed down while trying to sleep. ” ” I’m 16 weeks pregnant and I am aware of the importance of a comfortable bra. Do not buy one because it is maternity or because Store touting it as the best invention that exists. it is important you find one that works well. ”

6. Lotions and oils for the skin

“I use an organic olive oil all the time in my belly, breasts and buttocks. It feels wonderful when you apply it after bathing. My skin has never been as smooth as now.” “The bottom line for me is a moisturizing lotion cocoa and a special massage oil. Use this combination every day, twice a day and I think that has helped me to prevent stretch marks because I have none. ” ” the aloe gel or aloe vera is best! Now we are in summer and am in the third quarter (this has happened to me twice). I was difficult to sleep because my feet get very swollen and hot at night. so I keep a jar of that gel in the refrigerator and apply it on my feet massaged while. I do that every night before bed and it’s a great relief!

7. Doppler fetal

“I Love My doppler fetal (used to listen to the heartbeat of the baby). I rented when I was 11 weeks pregnant and every time I felt nervous, soothed me hear the baby’s heartbeat. It was also funny and cute for for my loved ones, because they are excited to hear the baby ‘s heartbeat. I thought renting the unit for a couple of months, but I think I’ll stay with him until the birth of baby! “the best thing for me was my doppler fetal. I’m not a nervous apersona, but occasionally I just wanted to make sure everything was okay. And that was 18 weeks pregnant and had not gained any weight. The device helped me to calm down . I still use it but now often feel the baby kick. It’s very nice to hear your latiditos!. ”

8. dresses and tights

“I can not live without my cotton dresses. They are as comfortable as I have in my wardrobe pregnancy . If you come with a pair of cute accessories, look fabulous, but you do not feel great.” “I love my black dress , which is a material that stretches. The ornamental very cute accessories with a scarf and I look very elegant, despite my tremendous tummy. ” ” I could not live without my tights ( leggings in English). they are very comfortable and not struggled to wear them. in addition , so stretch that can always use. I wear them with long blouses and some cute sandals and I see great me! “. ” for me, the meshes are the best because they combine with everything. you can put them with long blouses, dresses, sweaters, shoes, tennis shoes or sandals. I used screens throughout my pregnancy. I am about to enter my last month. ”

9. Sandals

“Sandals are ideal for pregnancy, especially when you have swollen feet. Choose a nice and comfortable. You’ll find a great variety.” “I know they are horrible but I can not live without my sandals brand Crocs . Now I can not see me feet, but even so easily put me. also, no matter what my feet are swollen, I never crowded me. they are extremely comfortable. ”

10. Things and tricks to enlarge clothing

“The special band used to enlarge pants or shorts, in the part of the waist, has helped me a lot. I’ve saved a lot of money that otherwise would have bought several shorts and pants maternity. There are three sizes. I bought a girl for the first half of pregnancy (for use with normal clothes, she wore before pregnancy) and a larger size for the second half (which is useful to better hold maternity clothes) “. “you can use one of those links you use for hair to enlarge your pants or shorts, you no longer close. Mete league in the hole where will the button by a kind of knot and then subject the button several turns. it works great! “. How about you, have or did you consider pregnancy products essential? Share your advice below in the comment box.

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